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Source: Hong Kong Information Services

(To watch the full press briefing with sign language interpretation, click here.)

The Hospital Authority urged its staff members to remain vigilant and refrain from social gatherings after two nurses and a doctor from public hospitals preliminarily tested positive for COVID-19.

At a press briefing this afternoon, the authority’s Chief Manager (Clinical Effectiveness & Technology Management) Dr Linda Yu said the staff are from the same family and they attended a birthday party with other family members. Apart from them, a few more participants have also preliminarily tested positive.

She said: “I understand that two of the Hospital Authority staff members are having symptoms. We understand that throughout this year, the public may feel a bit relaxed or suffer from fatigue because it has been quite a long-standing fight against the COVID-19 epidemic.

“Recently, the community spread of COVID-19 is quite severe. So we remind our staff to be more vigilant because apart from affecting themselves or their families, they will also affect their colleagues and patients. So we appeal to our staff to remain vigilant and refrain from social gatherings.”

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