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Source: United States House of Representatives – Congresswoman Susie Lee (NV-03)

December 17, 2020

Press Release

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Rep. Susie Lee (Nev.-03) issued the following statement regarding her nomination to the House Committee on Appropriations for the 117th Congress:  

“It’s an honor to be nominated to serve on the House Committee on Appropriations, and to be Nevada’s voice in the room where our nation’s most critical funding decisions are made. Right now, our country is facing unprecedented challenges that require significant resources to address. I want to make sure those resources are put to good use. That starts with our response to the pandemic. My home state of Nevada has been ravaged by COVID-19. Getting this pandemic under control and our economy back on track remains my top priority.  

“Nevadans also know all too well the yearly push in Congress to direct funds toward dumping nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain. It won’t happen on my watch. I will make sure that not a single taxpayer dollar goes towards the revival of Yucca Mountain. 

“Federal funds are so important for working families. If appointed, I’ll prioritize critical programs that support education, health care – especially mental health care, veterans, nutrition, workforce development, and infrastructure. I will also ensure that Nevada’s public lands are protected. Bottom line, I will fight for budgets that reflect our values.  

“Throughout my first term, I have prioritized bringing Republicans and Democrats together to get things done for Nevada families. I hope I have the chance to bring that same approach to the Appropriations Committee in the 117th Congress.” 

BACKGROUND: The House Committee on Appropriations is one of the most influential committees in Congress. The Committee is responsible for passing spending bills that fund the federal government and determining how taxpayer dollars are allocated to critical public resources and services.