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Source: CDU CSU

Dear Mr President! Dear Colleagues! The federal budget for the Ministry of the Interior grows to 18.4 billion euros. If you look at the core area of ​​internal security, you can see that we are making 7.5 billion euros available for this. This is also urgently necessary in view of the dangerous situation in which we are.

It has been described: We have a historically unique threat to our state, our society, our democracy from all directions: whether this is the murderous right-wing extremism and terrorism here in our country, whether it is the often underestimated left-wing extremism or Islamist terrorism which you can not only attach to cities like Dresden, Berlin, Vienna, Nice or Paris.

We draw the right conclusions from this. We are strengthening our security forces and authorities in the area of ​​equipment and personnel. I want to make it clear again what we are doing with the last tranche in the area of ​​the security forces and the police. You can also draw long lines: What has happened in the last five years? We have increased the number of jobs in the Federal Police by 25 percent: from 40,000 to 50,000 women and men. In the area of ​​the Federal Criminal Police Office, we increased the number of jobs by 52 percent: from 5,000 to 8,000 officers. And at the BSI, the Federal Office for Information Security, we have increased jobs by 231 percent in the last five years. That is practical domestic policy, and it shows that this is a very important point for us to be able to successfully guarantee security in our country.

(Applause from the CDU / CSU)

With the decision of the federal budget here in Parliament, we must offer the government the necessary financial framework. But we are also the legislator, and we have to ensure that we provide the right legal framework and instruments for the security authorities. I am therefore pleased that we can not only look back on a successful track record, but that we are also currently working on a proper security package.

Next week the cabinet will pass the IT Security Act 2.0. We are working together, dear Dirk Wiese, on an amendment to the Federal Police Act and hope that we will soon be able to take the next step. We are working on a constitutional protection law. I just want to say that again at this point: I have never heard from our group leader that he would prevent any security law from being introduced here in the German Bundestag.

(Michael Grosse-Brömer [CDU / CSU]: Neither do I!)

Quite the opposite: We can immediately begin the amendment of the Federal Constitutional Protection Act here in the plenary next week.

(Michael Grosse-Brömer [CDU / CSU]: Very correct!)

We as the Union faction are ready to do so immediately.

(Applause from the CDU / CSU)

Since I’m on the subject, Dirk Wiese, briefly on the lobby law. I can remember that we agreed on this in the coalition last summer.

(Michael Grosse-Brömer [CDU / CSU]: Me too!)

We are immediately ready to discuss and pass the lobbying law here in the German Bundestag.

(Carsten Schneider [Erfurt] [SPD]: It’s in the Bundestag!)

– That is in the Bundestag, absolutely correct. – We’ll do that now. If the SPD agrees, we can do that next week.

(Applause from the CDU / CSU – shouts from the SPD)

Ladies and gentlemen, in the budget debate, the Greens have repeatedly pointed out that air bookings are part of the budget. Mrs Polat has pointed out that it would be good if this were the last year that a Union minister leads this House.

(Dr. Tobias Lindner [ALLIANCE 90 / THE GREENS]: Very correct!)

I just want to say: maybe we should consider what a green domestic policy actually means.

(Dr. Tobias Lindner [BÜNDNIS 90 / DIE GRÜNEN]: Good things! Lots of good things, Mr. Frei! – Filiz Polat [BÜNDNIS 90 / DIE GRÜNEN]: You’re already wearing a green tie, Mr. Frei!)

I took a look at your new policy.

(Michael Grosse-Brömer [CDU / CSU]: Now it’s going to be exciting!)

So, quite apart from the fact that this is relatively thin in terms of internal security,

(Britta Haßelmann [ALLIANCE 90 / THE GREENS]: Unlike you, we can hold party conferences!)

Above all, I found there that you want to destroy our Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution.

(Dr. Tobias Lindner [ALLIANCE 90 / THE GREENS]: Reform! Read!)

– reform? They want to split it up into a Federal Office for Risk Recognition and an Institute for the Protection of Fundamental Rights.

(Applause from BÜNDNIS 90 / DIE GRÜNEN)

That is nothing more than the smashing of the protection of the constitution – at a time when we are confronted with right-wing extremism, left-wing extremism and Islamist terrorism. You can’t do it any more wrong.

(Applause from the CDU / CSU)

The next point. You complain that we don’t have a pact for the rule of law. On January 31, the Chancellor signed a pact with the Prime Ministers for the rule of law: 15,000 additional posts in the security forces and 2,000 additional posts in judges and public prosecutors. With this budget we are creating the conditions for the provision of the last tranche of these 15,000 positions. That is Union-led domestic politics. That is politics for more security in our country.

(Applause from the CDU / CSU)

Then your federal chairman will present a paper on how to better deal with threats.

(Dr. Tobias Lindner [ALLIANCE 90 / THE GREENS]: Good paper!)

I would say: A prerequisite for better dealing with threats would be to revoke German citizenship from those who join a foreign terrorist organization and have another citizenship.

(Applause from the CDU / CSU and MPs from the AfD)

By the way, we decided that here in the German Bundestag. And who was against it? The Greens were against it. That is green domestic policy.

(Applause from members of the CDU / CSU)

Another prerequisite would be that a case like that of Anis Amri, who comes to Germany illegally, stays here for a long time and is radicalized, is prevented in the future.

(Dr. Alice Weidel [AfD]: Oh! You are responsible! Do that!)

We have therefore applied for and decided to classify the Maghreb states as safe countries of origin here in the German Bundestag. And who was against it? The Greens were against it.

(Applause from the CDU / CSU)

We make policies for internal security, the Greens don’t. That too should be said on this day.

Thank you very much.

(Applause from the CDU / CSU – Britta Haßelmann [BÜNDNIS 90 / DIE GRÜNEN], addressing the CDU / CSU: With Anis Amri you know exactly what we are talking about! The failure of your security authorities!)


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