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Source: China State Council Information Office 2

The construction project of Jinghe River, a man-made river located in the Beijing Municipal Administrative Center, will be completed by the end of next year, according to news from the Beijing Water Authority.
The project was divided into the north and south sections according to construction phases. The south section is 2.4 kilometers long and was completed in October 2018. Construction on the northern section is currently more than half complete.
Upon completion, the river will connect the Yunchao Distributary with the north section of the Grand Canal, improving drainage capacity and the landscape of the administrative area of the capital’s sub-center.
Ma Xinyuan, an official from Beijing Water Authority, said that through a series of measures such as water storage and afforestation, the south section of Jinghe River, originally a flood-draining ditch, has been transformed into a scenic river. The river has a water area of 160,000 square meters with a water storage capacity of approximately 250,000 cubic meters.
The north section of the Jinghe River, which began construction in April this year, has a length of 1.3 kilometers. The construction also involves the development of one sluice and a 0.4-kilometer-long buried culvert.
“After the completion of the north section of the Jinghe River, it will take a shape of a ruyi with braid,” said Ma, referring to the traditional Chinese ornament that symbolizes good luck. 
The width of the river in the north section of the Jinghe River will range from 20 meters to 100 meters. Shoals and trestle bridges will be built on the banks to further enhance the surrounding environment, creating a waterfront leisure space with clear water for nearby residents.

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