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Source: Islamic Republic of Afghanistan – Report:

President Ashraf Ghani leading a high-ranking delegation paid an official visit to Kandahar this morning to assess the general status of that province.

President Ghani was welcomed by the local officials, elders and influential figures of Kandahar in Ahmad Shah Baba International Airport. President Ghani then visited 205th Atal Army Corps and laid wreath at the minaret of Defense and Security forces to pay tribute to the fallen soldiers.

Defense and Security officers of the country thanked President Ghani for his constant support, meetings and telephone conversations and said that they remained determined to defend the country and the nation.
Ashraf Ghani, Commander-in- Chief of the Armed Forces said, “Today I am proud to be among our heroes once again.”

President Ghani pledged to address their demands and recommendations in a timely manner. He added that a clear mechanism will be established in the ministries of Defense and Interior to ensure the transparency in recruitment process.

President Ghani instructed the NSA Mr. Hamdullah Mohib to establish a clear mechanism in NSC office to ensure the delivery of supplies. He added, “Atal Army Corps is key to security and safety of Kandahar province and it will be further strengthened.”

Addressing the soldiers, NCOs and officers, President Ghani said, “It is your responsibility to preserve the legacy of Ahmad Shah Baba and Mirwais Nika and I am confident you will fulfill it.”

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