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Source: US Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service

On November 4, 2020 China notified a draft revised National Food Safety Standard for Paper and Paperboard Materials and Articles Intended to Come into Contact with Food to the World Trade Organization as G/SPS/N/CHN/1186. Once finalized, the revised standard will replace the current National Food Safety Standard for Papers, Paperboard Materials and Products Contacted with Food(GB4806.8-2016), which was issued in October 2016 and entered into force a half year later. Compared to the current standard, the revised standard revises certain terms and definitions, sensory requirements, physical and chemical indicators, and other technical requirements. China has not announced a proposed date of entry into force of the revised standard. Comments can be sent to China’s SPS Enquiry Point at by January 3, 2021. This report contains an unofficial translation of the draft standard.