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MEDIA RELEASE Efficient Zuger Wald – new brochure explains

The forest is much more than a place for jogging, biking, barbecuing and walking. It offers protection from natural hazards, serves to use wood, is a habitat for flora and fauna and makes an important contribution to biodiversity. A colorful leporello contains current figures, statistics, photos as well as compact and easily understandable information, names the actors and shows how much work is being done in the forest ecosystem.

The Zug forest not only produces 68,000 cubic meters of the climate-friendly raw material wood every year, but also makes a special contribution to the public on two thirds of the forest area. It offers protection from natural hazards, is a habitat for plants and animals, is important for biodiversity, offers space and tranquility for those seeking relaxation and can be used for all kinds of leisure activities. The fact that the forest can only fulfill these diverse tasks thanks to responsible forest owners, solid forest operations and an appropriate contribution system from the Canton of Zug is shown in the new brochure from the Office for Forests and Wildlife.

Forests enjoy a high level of legal protection

Government councilor Andreas Hostettler said: “With the brochure we want to show the connections and make it clear to people that a stable and healthy forest is associated with a lot of work and specialist knowledge. We would also like to make the population aware that the forest is a complex ecosystem. ” It contributes to climate protection by binding carbon and regulating the microclimate. It is also an important water reservoir. According to Hostettler, the right to freely enter the forest, which has been anchored in the Swiss Civil Code since 1907, is also associated with a responsibility: to look after the forest as a living space and to treat it with the necessary respect. Martin Ziegler, Head of the Office for Forests and Game, adds: “The forest enjoys a high level of legal protection. This must be maintained and implemented. “

The large population growth in the canton of Zug has also left its mark on the Zug forest: “The pressure is increasing, the wilderness is becoming ever smaller, and animal and plant species that are susceptible to disruption are in trouble.” For Ziegler, proactive action is essential in order to continue to guarantee the balance. The brochure is intended to strengthen the understanding of the various tasks of the forest so that the population can continue to benefit from the services of the Zug forest in the future. It is aimed at all Zug residents who like to be in the forest – especially school classes who are concerned with the topic.

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