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Source: NABU – Naturschutzbund DeutschlandTop ten candidates have been selected

City pigeons, robins, golden plovers and seven other species will fight for the title “Bird of the Year 2021” from January 18th. Almost 130,000 people have chosen their favorites from 307 native breeding bird species and the most important guest bird species in the past few weeks.

The top ten primaries for the bird of the year 2021

December 16, 2020 – The pre-election phase for the first public election for “Bird of the Year” has ended. The city pigeon made it to first place in the area code, followed by robin, blackbird, skylark, golden plover, blue tit, kingfisher, house sparrow, lapwing and barn swallow. The red kite in 11th place only narrowly missed the finals – by exactly 100 votes. More than 2500 election campaign teams across Germany have come together to promote their respective candidates. Five well-known and common bird species have qualified for the runoff election: city pigeons, robins, blackbirds, blue tit and house sparrows. The top ten nominated include a total of five non-endangered bird species, four endangered species and one species that is in the early warning category of the Red List of Endangered Species. Particularly worrying is the situation of the lapwing and skylark, which, like many other bird species in the agricultural landscape, are suffering from the intensification of agriculture with monocultures, high levels of pesticide use and hardly any land left for nature. In Germany, a population decrease of 34 percent has been recorded among field birds since 1980. The barn swallow in tenth place represents the group of migratory birds that winter south of the Sahara in Africa. Many species with this overwintering strategy are currently in decline. The previous title holders from 50 years of “Bird of the Year” can be found in all parts of the table of results. Seven of the finalists that have now been elected have already won the title. Only city pigeons, blackbirds and blue tit are newcomers. On the other hand, the reed warbler, bird of the year 1989, landed on rank 292 with only eight nominations. The “bird of the year” was chosen in Germany for the first time in 1971 and has always been chosen by representatives of the NABU and LBV associations. For the 50th anniversary of the campaign, everyone in Germany can now vote for themselves. The top ten will fight for the title from January 18, 2021. All people in Germany are called on until March 19, 2021 to vote for their “Bird of the Year 2021” at


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