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Source: Australia Government Statements – Agriculture

222-2020: Interim inspection requirements for rural consignments of new horse floats
Thu, 2020-12-17 15:36

17 December 2020

Who does this notice affect?

This notice is of interest to importers and customs brokers who import new horse floats under tariffs 871639, 871640 and 8716800036.

What has changed?

The department has reviewed the inspection requirements for new horse floats.

Current onshore outcomes in BICON require an unpack inspection for all consignments of new horse floats declared to be destined to a rural destination.

Effectively immediately, rural consignments of new horse floats will be subject to a rural tailgate inspection only.

Consignments will be directed for a full unpack inspection at a metropolitan Approved Arrangement site, if:

  • The goods are not accompanied by acceptable documentation stating the goods are new and unused.
  • The biosecurity officer cannot perform the rural tailgate inspection adequately due to accessibility.
  • The biosecurity officer identifies biosecurity concerns during rural tailgate inspection.

Integrated Cargo System (ICS) profiling has been updated to ensure new horse floats destined for rural locations are referred for assessment and directed for tailgate inspection. Therefore, importers/brokers must continue to report rural concern type (RURL) for containers imported to rural destinations.

An Industry advice notice will be published when the BICON case Animal transport equipment is updated. This is expected to occur in January 2021.

Further information

Industry participants requesting further information are encouraged to contact the department by emailing (Attention: Sea Cargo) or by calling 1800 900 090.