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The enterprise has the highest level of production localization among foreign car manufacturers operating in Russia.

The capital plant Renault Russia celebrates its 15th anniversary. According to Sergei Sobyanin, the enterprise can be considered a joint project of the Moscow Government and Renault.

“We have entered into a corresponding investment agreement for the development of this industrial site, and I think that neither the company nor the Moscow Government has definitely regretted this project. It develops from year to year, and today’s 15th anniversary is not just a formality, some kind of anniversary, it is really a milestone in the development of the plant, ”he said.

Today, the one and a half million car rolled off the assembly line of the plant. It was Renault Kaptur in a blue-silver body, equipped with a TCe 150 engine and a new generation CVT X-Tronic transmission. The official sales of this model in the dealer network and online showroom began in June.

Stationary robots and automatic drones

The modern history of the Renault Group in Russia began in 1998, when Avtoframos OJSC (now Renault Russia CJSC) was established. 15 years ago, a Renault car plant was opened in the capital. Today it is a full-cycle production of motor vehicles with welding, painting and assembly shops.

The enterprise has the highest level of production localization among foreign automakers operating in Russia. It has an engineering and technical center and an underground test site.

The Moscow plant Renault Russia is a highly automated enterprise. In production, 150 stationary robots are used, of which 42 were installed last year as part of the creation of a single line in the welding shop.

The in-plant logistics is fully automated here. The delivery and transportation of components and parts in the workshops is carried out by 160 automated guided vehicles (AGVs), which are developed and produced directly at the factory. More than 50 of the same carts, made in Moscow, were then transferred to other production sites of the company. 3D printers are actively used to optimize and accelerate prototyping.

The plant is one of the major employers for engineers and highly skilled workers in the capital. In 2019, the average annual number of employees was almost five thousand people.

“The fact that we are developing by launching new models allows us to grow and develop not only the Renault brand, but also the automotive industry. The Renault brand is the most localized foreign brand in Russia. We are a participant in the development of the global mobility market and a leader in digital transformation, one of the leaders in the full cycle of online shopping – this year we even provided a home delivery service, ”said Jan Ptacek, CEO of Renault Russia.

Hundreds of thousands of Russians buy Renault cars every year. From 2005 to 2020, one and a half million cars were produced. In particular, the production of such mass models as Logan and Duster, as well as the popular crossovers Kaptur and Arkana, has been launched.

In 2013–2019, investments in the development of the Moscow plant amounted to over 18 billion rubles. During this time, on the basis of an agreement with the Moscow Government, the company received tax benefits in the amount of 2.8 billion rubles. The city has provided the following preferences:

– benefits for income tax (15.5 percent instead of 20);

– abolition of property tax used for the production of cars;

– preferential rent for occupied land plots in the amount of 0.1 percent of the cadastral value.

Reboot production

In 2018–2019, the Renault Russia plant in the capital carried out a major overhaul of production building No. 11, which had not been in operation since the late 1990s. Investments in the project amounted to 415 million rubles. The building with an area of ​​30 thousand square meters contains the following premises:

– Consolidation center for export of components;

– workshop (workshop) for personalization of Atelier Renault cars, where they produce a limited series of cars, install accessories, carry out special anti-corrosion preparation of cars for export, quality control and engineering tests;

– auto repair shop for Renault Service vehicles.

This year, a restyled model of the Renault Kaptur crossover rolled off the assembly line of the enterprise. The start of mass production of the new Renault Duster is scheduled for 2021. While retaining its geometric cross-country ability, it will receive a modern design, a variety of body design options and a new color – Atacama orange.

Sergey Sobyanin presented the plant’s staff with an honorary diploma from the Moscow Government, and also thanked the management for the creation of new models of cars even in a pandemic, stable work and good conditions for employees. “It’s good that you are launching new models in the past, this and next year. Every model is world class. Despite the pandemic, the company continues to invest its resources and investments. This year, a very large building of the plant was commissioned, which expanded its capabilities, ”he added.

Medical drones

In 2020, Renault proposed using drones that deliver components to factory floors to perform similar functions in Moscow hospitals.

“Robots are not only used in the factory, we even took a few samples to implement them in our clinics that are fighting covid. In particular, robots for the delivery of food and other products are being tested in Kommunarka, ”the Moscow Mayor said.

A pilot project for the delivery of bed linen and food using drones is currently being implemented at the city clinical hospital No. 40 in Kommunarka. She was given three unmanned AGV carts. Every day, they deliver up to 1000 kilograms of linen and promptly deliver food to the staff of the medical facility located in different buildings.

The total route length of one AGV can be up to 72 kilometers per day. The use of AGV made it possible to significantly reduce the workload on staff and increase epidemiological safety while combating the spread of COVID-19.

Capital car industry

There are six large and medium-sized enterprises in Moscow – manufacturers of automobiles and auto components, which employ 9.6 thousand people. Among them:

– CJSC Renault Russia;

– LLC “Alpha Automative Technologies”;

– LLC “Moscow Plant of Specialized Cars”;

– JSC “Production Association” Special equipment for fire extinguishing “”;

– LLC Scientific and Production Enterprise Itelma;

– LLC “Nanotechnological Center of Composites”.

At the end of 2019, the total volume of goods sold by enterprises of the automotive industry in Moscow amounted to 137.4 billion rubles, which is 3.4 percent more than in 2018.

Research in this area is carried out by three research organizations – the Central Scientific Research Automotive and Automotive Institute “NAMI”, JSC Scientific Research Institute of Automobile Transport and the Scientific Research and Experimental Institute of Automotive Electronics and Electrical Equipment. Cadres are trained in two metropolitan universities – the Moscow Automobile and Road Construction State Technical University and the Moscow Polytechnic University.

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