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Source: Government of Iceland

The first long-term energy policy for Iceland, A Sustainable Energy Future: An Energy Policy to the year 2050, has now been published in English and is accessible here.

The policy has the objective of protecting the interests of both the current and future generations. The policy was prepared in co-operation across party lines and in consultation with the general public and interested parties. Members of all parliamentary parties and four ministries served in the working group that put together the policy. The support for the end result was unanimous.

The policy represents a proposal for a long-term Energy Policy for Iceland to the year 2050 and is guided by the objective of sustainable development, and reflects a balance between economic, social and environmental factors. The policy is structured on the basis of a future vision, firm guidelines and principal objectives. It also focuses attention on the pillars on which the policy rests, taking into account the entire energy value chain, from resource to consumer.

Þórdís Kolbrún Reykfjörð Gylfadóttir, minister of Tourism, Industry and Innovation

With the new energy policy, we now have a clear future vision, highlighting the numerous prioritised energy actions that we can agree on across party boundaries. This will focus a stronger spotlight on the tasks ahead than before, which should promote more rapid progress.“

Find the policy and accompanying documents in Icelandic here:

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