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Source: China State Council Information Office

The hype by some Western media that “Communist Party of China (CPC) members engage in infiltration” is hysterical slander by individual anti-China propagandists, a Foreign Ministry spokesperson said on Tuesday.
It is absurd in logic, untenable in fact, and just another version of the “China threat theory,” spokesperson Wang Wenbin said at a daily press briefing.
China is a socialist country under the leadership of the CPC that follows the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics, Wang said.
Noting the CPC is the vanguard of the Chinese working class, people, and nation, Wang said the 92 million CPC members play an exemplary role in all walks of life.
“This is China’s actual national condition,” said the spokesperson, adding that the CPC seeks happiness for the people, peace for the world, and progress for humanity, which honors its commitments and is above-board.
Wang said state-to-state relations should follow the basic norms governing international relations and respect each other’s systems and national conditions.
“We believe that people with a sense of rationality, conscience, and justice will not agree with the unprovoked smears and attacks on China and the CPC,” he added.

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