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Source: Government of Western Australia

With summer upon us and school holidays inching closer, parents and guardians within the Shire of Ashburton are prompted to remain vigilant while supervising children in and around water.

Aquatic activities form a considerable part of our leisure time in Australia, particularly in the Pilbara where a cool dip can offer relief from the scorching heat. Spoiled with a choice of spectacular gorges, well-equipped swimming pools and the ocean, many families spend a substantial amount of time swimming, camping or boating during the warmer months.

Accidents do happen and they can happen quickly. The Royal Life Saving Society of WA urges parents to give all your attention, all of the time when supervising children around water. This means having children in your sight constantly, not the occasional glance.

Parents are often busy and may juggle a handful of tasks at once, but these distractions result in attention diverting from the safety of your child. The Royal Life Saving Society of WA recommends appointing a designated supervisor. Responsibility can be rotated if there is more than one adult present.

All our pools are Royal Life Saving Society WA ‘Watch Around Water’ endorsed centres, with a requirement for strict parental supervision. If your child is under five years of age, you need to be in the water and within arm’s reach at all times. Kids aged between five and ten must be supervised by someone who is 16 years or older.

Older children are not capable of supervising younger children. It is the duty of a responsible adult to supervise kids. Be ready to respond in an instant in case of an emergency.

Remember, drowning happens suddenly and silently so Keep Watch!

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