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The World’s Fastest Supercomputer, Fugaku, Taking Aim at COVID-19

The supercomputer Fugaku, developed by RIKEN Center together with Fujitsu, was ranked number one in the world in November 2020 in four separate categories including processing speed and machine learning capability. Fugaku has been used for research on measures to combat COVID-19, including the effectiveness of masks in blocking aerosol particles, analysis of the spread of particles indoors, research on candidate drugs for treatment, and simulations of the infection and its impact on society and the economy. There are growing hopes that Fugaku’s top-class abilities will contribute to research and development of effective measures to fight the pandemic.

The FPCJ invited the Director of RIKEN Center for Computational Science, Dr. Satoshi Matsuoka, who led the development of Fugaku, to hold an online press briefing explaining Fugaku’s capabilities and provide an overview of COVID-19 research using cutting-edge technology.

Video Report: The World’s Fastest Supercomputer, Fugaku, Taking Aim at COVID-19
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The World’s Largest Free Trade Zone, RCEP—How Will This Affect the US, and What Will Japan’s Role Be?  

On November 15, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) was signed by fifteen countries including Japan, China, South Korea, ASEAN nations, Australia, and New Zealand, creating the world’s largest free trade zone covering approximately 30% of the global economy. Together with the inauguration of a new US administration next year, how will this major free trade agreement affect Japan-US trade talks, the possibility of the US returning to the TPP, and the economic tension between the US and China? Will India return to the RCEP after having opted out? How will Japan respond?

The FPCJ invited Dr. Fukunari Kimura, Professor of Keio University, to speak about global free trade in 2021.  

Video Report: Free Trade in 2021—Japanese Leadership and the Response of the New US Administration
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Noteworthy Press Releases from Japan

We introduce press releases which have been posted using the FPCJ’s Press Release Listing Service.  

FPCJ Newsletter December 15, 2020 Issue

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