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Source: United States House of Representatives – Congressman Andy Levin (MI-09)

December 14, 2020

Press Release

“Young Americans who have grown up with code as a second language will be essential to rebuilding our country and ensuring technology betters the lives of working people.”

WARREN, MI – Congressman Andy Levin (MI-09), Vice Chair of House Education & Labor Committee, has announced the winner of the Congressional App Challenge from Michigan’s Ninth District. The Congressional App Challenge is a well-known competition in computer science held by the U.S. House of Representatives and the Internet Education Foundation (IEF).

Michigan’s Ninth District 2020 winner is Vijay Daita, a sophomore at Bloomfield Hills High School, who created an app in Javascript called Click for a Cause. Click for a Cause helps people connect to businesses that match their values through an easily accessible interface that allows users to search for businesses and apps associated with causes like social justice, public health and environmental justice. As a prize, Congress will showcase Daita’s app in the United States Capitol.

A panel of two judges, Adam Romanko and Elijah Sattler, chose the winner for this year’s App Challenge. Adam Romanko, MBA is a Cybersecurity Analyst specializing in application security at General Motors and lives in the Ninth District. Elijah Sattler is a Software Engineer at Capital One and earned his bachelor’s degree in computer engineering at the University of Michigan. Elijah also has a passion for developing Slack bots and has presented at Slack’s annual Spec Conference. He is a native Michigander from Flint.

“Young Americans who have grown up with code as a second language will be essential to rebuilding our country and ensuring technology betters the lives of working people,” said Rep. Levin. “The Congressional App Challenge is a wonderful opportunity to showcase the homegrown STEM talent in Macomb and Oakland Counties. I couldn’t be prouder of everyone who applied to the App Challenge this year. Every one of you has the opportunity to help your community with your innovation and creativity, and I hope you will continue to build, tinker and code. Congratulations to Vijay on being selected as this year’s winner! I’m inspired by the work you’re doing to connect people to businesses that reflect their values. I’d also like to thank our 2020 App Challenge judges, Adam and Elijah. Your work helps motivate students across Macomb and Oakland to build the next generation of just technology. Finally, I’d like to thank Michael May and the Macomb Mathematics, Science, and Technology Center for contributing a wide selection of high-quality apps to the competition.”

The runner up in this year’s App Challenge was Maria Cheriyan, whose preScribe app offers diet management, health reminders and a database of medical resources tailored for vulnerable medical populations such as racial minorities and low-income people. Other top submissions came from Jaime Peace, whose Ukulele Trainer app offers beginners a simple way to learn ukulele, and Joseph Johnson, whose Music Essentials app offers musicians a set of easy-to-use practice tools.