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Source: Asia Development Bank

Asia and the Pacific Water Fund: Partnering for Water Security

Water is a basic need.

But for many, water is a challenge. A pervasive problem.

No one can solve it alone.

With the Water Financing Partnership Facility, we have partners for water security.

Since 2006, the Asia and the Pacific Water Fund has been changing the lives of millions of people across Asia and the Pacific.

This progress is only made possible with the support from our partners.

The Asia and the Pacific Water Fund is a mix of three trust funds, backed by Australia, Austria, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

They provide additional financing and knowledge resources that strengthen ADB’s water operations and commitment to the SDGs.

Together, we have helped, and continue to help, invest and implement projects and improve water sector development throughout the region.

How does the Asia and the Pacific Water Fund work?

By delivering a multitude of impacts with a variety of approaches.

Supporting project preparation and implementation leads to better designed and more efficiently implemented investment projects with greater sustainability and development impact.

In Cambodia, Nepal, and Mongolia, the Asia and the Pacific Water Fund is piloting innovative sanitation solutions, providing improved conditions to low-income families and communities outside the grid.

Erdenechimeg Onkhortsagaan, Kindergarten Teacher (in Mongolia):

Children are happy playing outside where the air is fresh and the environment is clean. And we don’t need to worry anymore about kids accidentally falling into a cesspit when they are playing. Life would definitely be much more pleasant if all houses had improved pit latrines.

The Asia and the Pacific Water Fund aids policy and governance reforms, and strengthens the enabling environment.

In Tajikistan’s Pyanj River Basin, strengthening of institutional arrangements to improve water management is ongoing.

In Bhutan, a water security index was developed along with a national plan for managing water resources to bring together the different agencies and anticipate the impacts of climate change.

The Asia and the Pacific Water Fund promotes innovation through pilot and demonstration activities and the use of latest technology.

Modern irrigation technology with LIDAR will change the way farming is done in Indonesia, as will an irrigation scheduling app in India and remote sensing in Viet Nam.  

Nguyan Tan Dan, Farmer, Binh Thuan Province (Viet Nam):

I thought about changing technologies to save labor and operate more efficiently. The main advantage is better water efficiency.

The Asia and the Pacific Water Fund empowers people – increasing community awareness, providing support for capacity building, and influencing behavior change.

In the Pacific, through Kiribati’s gender-sensitive WASH campaign and the Marshall Islands’ hygiene awareness program, we help boost confidence in women and children to take action.

To broaden impacts, the Asia and the Pacific Water Fund promotes private sector participation, expanding investments that help address water challenges.

Hisaka Kimura, Head of Infrastructure Finance (East Asia) and Advisor to Private Sector Operations Department, ADB:

Water demand has been increasing while water resources are limited. We need a new source of water. With the Water Fund, ADB supported Beijing Enterprise Water Group to upgrade wastewater treatment for industrial reuse such as powerplant cooling down. Technical assistance and knowledge sharing are crucial to mainstream this new source of water.

The Asia and the Pacific Water Fund also facilitates partnerships and technical cooperation to expand knowledge and disseminate best practices.

The Asia and the Pacific Water Fund has catalyzed more than $8 billion worth of more innovative, resilient, inclusive, and sustainable ADB water investments, beyond business as usual, helping the poor and vulnerable attain a better quality of life.

72.2 million people to have access to safe drinking water and sanitation

30.6 million people to have reduced risks to flood

14.7 million people to have more productive irrigation and drainage services

ADB’s Asia and the Pacific Water Fund is built on partnership and will remain indispensable to achieve a water-secure and resilient Asia and the Pacific.

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