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Source: President of Russia – The Kremlin – English

The moderators at the forum included Deputy Secretary of the General Council of the United Russia party, State Duma deputy Yevgeny Revenko and volunteer, Deputy Chairman of the Committee of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Legislative Assembly on construction, housing and utilities Yelena Penzina.
* * *
Yevgeny Revenko: Friends, President Vladimir Putin, the leader of our party, has joined us now.
Mr President, good afternoon.
President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Good afternoon, Yevgeny. Yelena, good afternoon.
I have listened closely to what Andrei [Gimbatov] has been saying just now. I enjoyed it. And his very last words, I would say those were the most important: when people do good, they enjoy it. This is the meaning of life in general, in a broader sense. When you help your friends or even people you may not know, but who need your support, you get satisfaction from this. It is one of the most important incentives and most important tools for any person’s self-realisation. So, Andrei, thank you.
Now that I have joined you, I would like to greet you all, friends. I would also like to greet Mr Medvedev, good afternoon. Good day to all the participants of the United Russia social online forum.
As I was saying, I would like to underscore once again that your work is greatly needed. I mean, not only this forum, but all the work you do in general. I would like to wish you continued progress with your work, that any initiatives that you come up with today as well will all be implemented. I would like to point out that this is extremely important.
It will be interesting to hear your proposals today, what you are discussing, what goals you set yourselves and what practical solutions you can suggest for the tasks facing the country.
I would like to say the following in this connection. I know that thousands of your party volunteers are delivering medications and foodstuffs, as it has just been said here. And they are using their own cars for this, making free deliveries to those who need them, including to medical personnel, and donating their personal funds to buy PCs for pupils who are studying remotely, and PPE, helping old and ailing people and those who have no relatives, and everyone for whom the current situation is especially difficult.
There is one more thing I would like to mention in this context. I believe that the everyday work, work with the people (Andrei, a member of a municipal council, spoke about it), which the country’s largest party has been doing during the past few months, is a suitable reason for reviewing your ranks so as to identify and give praise to those who did their best and who have proved to be reliable comrades and kind and warm-hearted people, not just social climbers, but hard-working people who are ready to help deal with the difficult tasks the country is facing. These people definitely constitute a powerful creative force across the country, one the party really needs. These people are the bedrock of the party’s successful future and its worthy representation in society and at all levels of power.
I would like to give the floor to Mr Medvedev now. I hope that you will speak later as well, and that I will have an opportunity to respond to the discussions that are being held at your forum.
To be continued.


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