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Source: NABU – Naturschutzbund Deutschland Which bird species will make it into the main election?

The area code for the bird of the year 2021 ends on December 15, and 116,000 bird lovers have now taken part. In the next few days it will be decided which ten birds will make it into the main election and thus come closer to the coveted title.

Still has a chance to fly into the top ten: the blue tit – Photo: Lutz Klapp /

December 11, 2020 – Town pigeons, robins, skylarks, golden plovers and blackbirds are still at the top nationwide. But who knows? Perhaps some election campaign teams have saved their votes in order to promote their candidate into the top ten in the last few meters. The blue tit is currently only missing 150 votes in eleventh place to push the red kite from tenth place. The redstart would need a good 400 votes to make it into the top ten. Much can change on the last election weekend. All it takes is a single campaign team that goes to great lengths – so the top ten shouldn’t feel safe yet. Many established election winners and few newcomers Only two of the current contenders for the top ten places have never been bird of the year in the past 50 years . If the kingfisher won, the “flying gem” would have won the title for the third time. That would be understandable due to the exotic beauty of its plumage. The skylark also has the chance of a third title. In 1998 and 2019 she was elected by the specialist committee from NABU and LBV. Since its population has more than halved in Germany since 1980, it is still one of the most representative representatives of the problems of the agricultural landscape as a living space. One of the two newcomers is the urban dove. It is surprisingly and clearly in first place in the primary ranking. Is the city dove much closer to the hearts of the inhabitants of our country than professional ornithologists generally assume? In any case, she is sure of her place in the upcoming runoff election. The blackbird, currently in fifth place, would also receive the award for the first time. She is one of our daily companions in gardens, parks and cities and her typical, resonant singing is indispensable in spring and on mild summer evenings. Even among the next contenders for tenth place, former title holders predominate. But the blue tit, which currently has the best chance of slipping into the top ten, would also get the title for the first time. This contentious garden bird can often be seen at the bird feeder now in winter. Blue tits suffered from a bacterial epidemic in large parts of Germany last spring. Quarks sends the spoonbill into the race Quarks, the science magazine of the WDR, shows that a lot can still change shortly before the election deadline. For a few days it has been promoting the spoonbill, a white, heron-like bird with a curious spoonbill in its community. For bird conservationists, spoonbills are remarkable because it is the species whose population in Germany has increased the most since 1980, namely by an 87-fold. However, he had only recently returned to the German North Sea coast after many years of absence. The bird, which is still very rare overall, is characterized by its decorative feathers on the back of the head, which it can set up like a mullet. The Löffler is currently in 30th place and the trend is rising. Is that still enough, or did he make the final spurt too late? All interested bird lovers now have the last chance to nominate their candidates. Here again the note that voters can cast one vote for each of the 307 birds. In this election, you can also put your cross in the case of several candidates, for example to help another favorite make it into the top ten if the actual first election has been hopeless.

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Who will be Bird of the Year 2021? NABU and LBV have been choosing the “Bird of the Year” since 1971 – but for the 50th anniversary everything is different: For the first time, NABU is calling on the population to vote for “Bird of the Year” in 2021 themselves. Take part and nominate your favorite bird. More →

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