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Read the story about three married couples of volunteers in the article.

More than half a million residents of the capital are already involved in the volunteer movement. At the same time, more and more often whole families come to volunteer. Sometimes couples are formed on the basis of a common desire to help others.

“Increasingly, volunteers involve their relatives and friends in good deeds, thereby contributing to the development of family volunteering. Parents with children, spouses, grandparents, sisters and brothers – all family members can come together to volunteer to get support from family members, spend time together and get to know each other better. And it is always a joy for us when people united by family ties come to our community, ”says the director of the resource center

“Mosvolonter” Dmitry Pokrovsky.

“You get such a positive charge that you want to move on”

Alexey Miryushchenko (head of production in the radio industry, 40 years old) and Elizaveta Demyanenko (music teacher, 25 years old)

Alexey and Elizaveta met at a children’s health camp in 2015. He came there to work as a sound engineer, she was an apprentice student. After the end of the shift, the couple continued to communicate.

During her student years, Elizabeth devoted a lot of time to her studies and the volunteer movement. The girl has been participating in volunteer programs since the age of 19. In 2016, she was the coordinator of a group of volunteers (team leader) of the Immortal Regiment campaign. Then she invited Alexei to become a volunteer.

“Could I then know that I would get involved so seriously? .. But it was always not alien to me. Back in 1998, I “volunteered” at the World Youth Games in Moscow. There were skills, ”says Alexey.

The events went one after another. The volunteer movement helped Alexey and Liza get closer. Soon the couple decided to get married.

“This activity is a great addition to our main job. Like a good vacation that unites, ”says Alexey.

When in the spring a mandatory self-isolation regime was introduced in the capital for people over 65 and those suffering from a number of chronic diseases, the volunteer movement switched to helping these people. The spouses began to help in the district headquarters – they accepted and delivered orders. After re-imposing restrictions in the fall, they returned to the delivery of drugs and food. This Sunday, their day off, Alexey and Liza will go to one of the settlements in the TyNAO. The spouses have a car, so they often take the longest orders.

“The volunteer movement for me is a positive emotion. Sometimes you get wildly tired, but in return you get such a positive charge that you want to move on, love, create, teach children! ” – says Elizabeth.

“We always have something to discuss”

Daniel Salakhov (website development specialist, 45 years old) and Elena Dudina (website promotion specialist, 42 years old)

Daniel and Elena have been participating in the volunteer movement since school years. As a child, they collected waste paper, scrap metal, and helped veterans. The couple moved to Moscow in 2019 from Perm. They immediately registered with the Mosvolonter organization, successfully passed interviews, training and became team leaders at the Spasskaya Tower military orchestra festival. Now Daniel and Elena are participating in the action “We are together”, Accept and process applications from those in need, deliver medicines and food to the elderly.

“The volunteer movement creates more points of contact in our family. We always have something to discuss, ”says Daniel.

“We’re best friends, we even work together. Family is the main support! ” – adds Elena.

According to the spouses, the most important thing in volunteering is not to burn out and be able to correctly allocate time. After all, I really want to help as many people as possible, and there are only 24 hours in a day. The son of Daniel and Elena, who has already promised that he will also participate in the volunteer movement, should return home from the army soon.

Now Elena and Daniel are accepting appeals for the press conference of Vladimir Putin, sorting them by topic.

“Volunteering also gives us a sense of involvement in the most important events in the country. This is an invaluable experience! ” – say the spouses.

“If we don’t help, then who?”

Alexey Vatyl (head of laboratory, 30 years old) and Natalia Vatyl (deputy head of department, 31 years old)

The Vatyl family joined the volunteer movement this spring, when both spouses were transferred to remote work. The time that they used to spend on the road from home to office, young people decided to spend on good deeds. So Alexey and Natalia ended up in Mosvolonter and immediately determined that they wanted to help the elderly. Over time, they switched to patients with coronavirus, which became more and more.

Natalia takes orders, and Alexei delivers them.

According to the couple, volunteering has brought them together as a couple. The couple even spends their free time on weekends helping other people.

“Why do we need this? I had to test myself. Can I? After all, they had never done this before. We could not afford to sit at home at a time when so many people needed help. If we don’t help, then who? ” – says Alexey.

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