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Source: Swiss Kanton Nidwalden News in German12. December 2020 The canton of Nidwalden does not meet the criteria to introduce an extension of the blocking period prescribed by the Federal Council. In order to give companies the highest possible planning security, the government council intends to keep curfew at 7 p.m. until after the festive and New Year’s days. He is also examining accelerated financial aid for companies that have been hit hard by the economy. As of Saturday, the Federal Council introduced stricter protective measures to combat the coronavirus. Moving the curfew from 7 p.m. forward is particularly important for restaurants and bars. According to the ordinance of the Federal Council, cantons with a favorable epidemiological development can extend the curfew to a maximum of 11 p.m. Two criteria must be met for this: The reproduction value must be below 1.0 for at least seven consecutive days. The value shows the number of people infected by an infected person on average. Second, the 7-day incidence – i.e. the number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants – must also be below the Swiss mean for at least seven days in a row. Nidwalden currently shows a relatively stable development in the number of cases, but at a high level for the canton than was the case from mid-November to early December. This has resulted in the reproductive value (R-value) currently being 1.21. For this reason, the canton of Nidwalden does not currently meet the requirements for an extension of the embargo period. Lower case numbers are required over a certain period of time so that the R-value falls below 1.0, plus the aforementioned period of at least seven days before any exemption is even introduced could be. The Nidwalden government council therefore intends to keep the curfew for restaurants and bars at 7 p.m. at its meeting next Tuesday until January 4, 2021, with the exception of Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, on which operations are permitted until 1 a.m. According to the Federal Council, delivery services for meals and take-aways are generally permitted until 11 p.m. This procedure is primarily intended to ensure the planning security of the businesses concerned. «The holidays are just around the corner. It is a major concern of the government council that the companies are given a basis to determine their opening times and to manage reservations. Otherwise there will be constant uncertainty, both among restaurateurs and guests, ”explains Health and Social Director Michèle Blöchliger. The executive committee of Gastro Nidwalden has been informed of the intention of the government council. The approach is generally welcomed from the perspective of planning security. It needs the solidarity of all «With the reduction in social contacts, which often take place in the evening, we hope that the number of cases will decrease and thus a development that will again expand at the beginning of next year the curfew could be envisaged », continues Michèle Blöchliger. The Government Council is aware that the new Federal Council regulation will deprive the catering establishments of the opportunity to do a reasonable business with dinner. In many cases, however, it is precisely this that makes up a considerable part of sales. For this reason, he takes positive note of the fact that the Federal Council is proposing to parliament an increase in the compassionate use program, which is intended to provide financial support to companies damaged by corona. In view of the new restrictions for companies and organizers and the worsening economic situation in many places, however, the government council considers it appropriate to provide for accelerated support at cantonal level. The relevant investigations for this were immediately carried out. The latest Federal Council measures are aimed at improving health protection. This still has top priority. It is important to prevent the coronavirus from spreading further and to protect health facilities from overload. “We are called upon to continue to consistently comply with the hygiene and behavioral rules so that the epidemiological situation improves. Caution is particularly advisable in private and professional environments. More than ever, solidarity is needed from all of us », so the urgent appeal from Michèle Blöchliger.

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