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Source: Socialist Republic of Vietnam

The PM has asked the National Traffic Safety Committee, ministries, provincial and city People’s Committees, and other authorities to strengthen traffic safety work during New Year, Tet (Lunar New Year) and spring festivals.

The PM’s notice stated that ministries, agencies and localities should promote the dissemination of traffic safety information and knowledge of COVID-19 prevention and control, as well as encourage people to use public transport during the holidays.

Agencies must ensure they remain updated on the situation of traffic accidents and traffic jams during festivals.

Businesses, educational and training establishments need to require employees and students to abide by traffic safety regulations, coordinate with transport units to organise the sale of train tickets to workers and students and arrange a suitable amount of time for them to enjoy the Tet holidays and return to work and study in order to reduce traffic pressure before, during and after the Lunar New Year.

PM Phuc also asked agencies and localities to strengthen patrols and control and strictly handle traffic violations on roads, railways and waterways and ensure the absolute safety of COVID-19 prevention for task forces and people.

Increased inspections should be made to punish traffic regulation violators during the holidays.

The capacity and quality of passenger transportation services need to be improved to meet the increasing travel demand during the upcoming holidays.

Passenger transport businesses and passengers must fully comply with the provisions of the law on traffic safety and strictly comply with regulations on prevention and control of COVID-19.

Transport businesses must prepare plans to serve passengers and be ready to provide additional vehicles when needed.

Illegal fare increases should be dealt with strictly.

The upgrading, repair and maintenance of key traffic routes should be completed before January 30, 2021.

Cities and localities must carry out measures to reduce traffic congestion on the main routes and at stations and airports, as well as impose strict penalties on traffic violators.

Departments of health and medical establishments nationwide must be on duty around clock and prepare staff, equipment and medicine for treating traffic accident victims.

The units need to be prepared to deal with possible COVID-19 infections in a timely manner.

Heads of agencies and units are responsible for controlling and preventing COVID-19.

Hotlines to receive traffic complaints during the Tet holiday should be widely publicised on the media and information about COVID-19 prevention and control must be posted at bus stations, airports and on public transport.

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