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Source: Islamic Republic of Afghanistan – Report:

President Ashraf Ghani in a VTC with 22 brigade commanders this morning, praised them for their resolve and commitment being in the front lines of war to defend their homeland and people.
President Ghani said, “As the commander-in-chief, it is my responsibility to talk to you directly and address your challenges on a timely manner.
The brigade commanders expressed happiness to have the opportunity to directly share their challenges and thoughts with their president. They briefed the Commander in Chief on their ongoing military operations and preparations for the winter season, assuring the President of their readiness to repress the enemy and repel the threats.
President Ashraf Ghani termed the security of highways a top priority, providing safety for the passengers and asked for more focused planning for the security of country’s borders.
“You are in the front lines of protecting our freedom, independence, republic and safeguarding your people and the prosperity of the next generations to come,” added President Ghani while instructing them to share their challenges with the Office of National Security Council for immediate actions.
President Ghani instructed the brigade commanders to work in collaboration with people and provincial governors and enhance their communication with lower rank soldiers, NCOs and officers to ensure better planning.
The president instructed the Ministry of Defense to adopt immediate measures to address the needs of brigades in terms of equipment and enablers.

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