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We will tell you how to feed the inhabitants of the parks and not harm their health.

In winter, the inhabitants of the capital’s green areas also do not refuse treats. You can feed ducks, squirrels and even representatives of ungulates in several parks at once. The main thing is to remember that our food, for example bread, is not always good for them, and sometimes it can even lead to illness and death.

Muscovites can buy safe food for animals in special vending machines, the number of which is constantly growing thanks to the development of the My District program.

Gorky Park and Neskuchny Garden

Squirrels live here. And also tits, ducks and other birds. Treats for them can be found in vending machines located near the entrance to Neskuchny Sad and near the Golitsyn pond. On the territory of the Gorky Park and Neskuchny Garden, more than 20 bird feeders and 15 squirrels are also installed. There is a special feeder for tits right on the building of the park administration, and its employees monitor the diet of birds.

In Neskuchny Garden and on the territory of Vorobyovy Gory, you can hang hand-made feeders. It is important that they are made of quality materials, and that the fasteners do not harm the trees.

Museum-reserve “Tsaritsyno”

Squirrels and birds of various species, including waterfowl, also live on the territory of the residence of Catherine the Great. For those who want to feed them, vending machines work very close to the Plotinny and Pokrovskaya gates. Here you can buy two types of feed: for squirrels – assorted hazelnuts and sunflower seeds, for birds – mixed feed made from processed cereals, limestone flour and bran.

Stationary bird feeders can also be found in the park: next to the park gates, Vyatichi mounds, and the Rusalka Gate.

You can also hang a small homemade feeder from a rope in the park. But it is forbidden to install large wooden structures (titmouses, rabbitries) in Tsaritsyno.

Vorontsovsky park

You can feed ducks on the ponds of Vorontsov Park, and squirrels in the oak forest. Special food for ducks is sold in a vending machine located not far from Bolshoy Vorontsovskiy pond. Protein can be fed with nuts and sunflower seeds brought from home. You are allowed to hang your own feeders throughout the park. At the same time, for their fastening, you cannot use everything that can damage the tree: screws, wire, nails.

Park “Northern Tushino” and Perovsky Park

Treats for ducks in the Northern Tushino Park can be purchased from vending machines near the Korablik fountain or from the Museum of Navy History. It is better to take gifts for squirrels from home. Guests of Perovsky Park are allowed to hang feeders and birdhouses right in the trees. For squirrels, a large squirrel was built here, even in winter it is warm. You can watch the animals through large windows, but feeding them is strictly prohibited.

Fili Park and Izmailovsky Park

There are bird feeders throughout the Fili Park. You can hang hand-made birdhouses and titmouses almost everywhere, but, as in other parks, only on ropes or ribbons. Birds and squirrels are treated with food brought with them.

And at the other end of the Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya metro line, in Izmailovsky Park, it is not recommended to feed the ducks – the birds find food themselves. But at the building of the park directorate and near the old oak tree on the central square, you can feed birds and squirrels. Visitors must also bring refreshments for them from home.

Sokolniki Park and Kuzminki Park

Most of the feeders in Sokolniki can be found not far from the Symphonic Stage, in the area of ​​the Golden Pond and near the House of Children’s Art. But in other places there are feeders that guests of the park hang themselves. Sokolnikov’s services carefully monitor this, and if the feeder was thrown, it is removed.

And in the Kuzminki park, birds can be photographed and fed with food specially designed for this. At the same time, it is impossible to hang feeders and birdhouses without the consent of the park administration.

Moscow Zoo

It is officially prohibited to feed animals by hand in zoos. But the Moscow Zoo has made an exception for healthy treats. Vending machines were installed here. Some of them stand next to a large pond in the old zoo grounds. Here you can buy pellets for waterfowl. The ungulate feed vending machine is located at the contact area.

At the same time, the administration of the Moscow Zoo asks guests to give food strictly according to the intended purpose: that is, food for waterfowl – only for birds, and food for animals – only for inhabitants of the contact area.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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