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Source: President of Russia – The Kremlin – English

This year, Volunteer Day is celebrated online due to the restrictions and demand for volunteers. The national contest of volunteers has been held since 2010.
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President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Good afternoon, friends. Greetings.
Today our entire enormous country, together with the whole world, is celebrating International Volunteer Day. We have been marking this holiday since 2017. My heartfelt holiday greetings to millions, yes, I said it right, millions of Russians who help others and are an example of colossal moral power for all of society.
I am well aware that many of you are where you are needed the most at the moment. Even though I see a lot of participants on the screen, most volunteers are busy today, and in order not to distract you from important work that society needs, practically all holiday events are held online, as the current situation demands and as you understand, whereas the Volunteer of Russia Award is presented not at special meetings but in hospitals, call centres, and volunteer headquarters in cities and towns.
Friends, the fight against the pandemic has united and brought together many people, millions of caring individuals across the nation. The #WeAreTogether campaign was launched in spring of this year.
You continue working in medical facilities. I see that many of you drive doctors, paramedics and nurses in your own cars free of charge. You deliver food and medicines to the elderly and people with low mobility, take disabled people and orphaned children from social facilities into your homes, which, to be honest, came as a surprise to me when I learned about it. I am speechless and I do not know which words can express the gratitude to those who are doing such things.
I will note specially that Russian businesses are closely involved in the #WeAreTogether campaign. Entrepreneurs have shown responsibility to society through numerous truly noble acts. They include donations for additional support to healthcare facilities, purchasing PPE for volunteers and just for the people who need it, providing free meals for medical workers and ambulance crews.
To be continued.


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