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Source: Traditional Unionist Voice – Northern Ireland

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:-


“This week began with exclusive focus on Finucane as some sort of special victim and it ends with the revelation that a special Lambeth Palace forum is interested only in the victim-makers. Such perversity symbolises the pander process that has brought us to the amoral position of innocent victims being expendable.


“Then, midweek we had the shocking disclosure that 20 ex-security personnel had their personal security jeopardised by staff in the Cononer’s Legacy Unit releasing their details in breach of data protection laws. The response to that has been limp and ineffective, with no disciplinary action, or even transfer of staff, and not a word from the Lord Chief Justice who presided over the establishment of these prioritised Inquests!


“Little wonder Kenny Donaldson spoke out so emphatically on behalf of forgotten and innocent victims on the Lambeth Palace circus. He is right to be angry and frustrated as once more truly innocent victims are sidelined and ignored.


“Of course the reality is that a Stormont and “peace process” that is built on the rewarding of terrorism is never going to deliver justice to those most deserving of it.”

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