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Mister President! Dear Colleagues! Ensuring high-quality nursing care is the major socio-political task of the coming years. To do this, we must strengthen the nursing profession as a whole. We want to attract more nursing staff by improving the framework conditions. It is, of course, about pay, appropriate, regular pay, but it is also about working conditions. It is a job in which those in need of care and patients are helped 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. That makes it more difficult to combine family and work than in many other professions. It is also a profession in which people need relief in order to have time for patients and those in need of care.

Working in nursing becomes more attractive when there are more colleagues who can lend a hand. We began to set an appropriate framework even before Corona. It is right, it is important that in this pandemic, in this stress test for our healthcare system, the care and what is done there every day by the caregivers is the focus of attention. But at the same time it is also important to see that we began to improve the framework conditions long before this pandemic, long before care was in the public eye.

(Applause from Member of Parliament Karin Maag [CDU / CSU])

With the Nursing Staff Strengthening Act, we have already created 13,000 additional jobs for nurses in the elderly. I know that some say: The positions are not filled yet. – That’s true! They are not all taken because the job market is so empty. But a decisive difference to the situation a few years ago – and this applies to both hospitals and long-term care, by the way – is that the positions are now reliably financed; that is a very important difference. That gives us reliability, and we have ensured that.

(Applause from the CDU / CSU and the SPD)

With this law we are now financing an additional 20,000 jobs for nursing assistants in the care of the elderly. More hands to lend a hand, better working conditions and greater satisfaction for employees – every care facility in Germany will benefit from this.

It is important for me to say one thing because I am hearing some public statements about it again: With this law, by the way, we are also encouraging the development of a compulsory personnel assessment procedure based on scientific reports. This is not, as was previously the case, staff measurement in nursing with specialist quotas that were somehow determined by the thumb, but they are scientifically derived by Professor Rothgang and many others in recent years. You have come to the conclusion: Yes, more nurses are needed in the next ten years. Above all, however, a lot more nursing assistants are needed, because working together in a team ultimately relieves everyone who works in nursing. There we are taking the first important step with 20,000 care assistant positions – fully financed from January 1st.

(Applause from the CDU / CSU and members of the SPD)

20,000 additional jobs, fully financed, not at the expense of those in need of care and their own contributions, I think, is a point that is worth mentioning. It is therefore important above all: if we want to encourage caregivers who have turned their back on care – for whatever reason – to return, if we want to encourage caregivers to increase the number of hours again if they can , but don’t do that at the moment because they say: “It’s too stressful for me” – there are quite a lot of them we encounter every day – or if we want to encourage people to stay in care, then it is important that there can be a legitimate feeling that the decisions we make now are not decisions that are made one time, are valid for one year and will be questioned again in two years. It is important that there is reasonable trust in the reliability of our decisions. That is exactly what we are doing with this law and the regulations of recent years.

A tremendous amount of trust has been lost in nursing care, over many years, in a spiral that has kept turning. To regain this trust, to reverse the spiral, that takes time, that requires constant persistence. We have the feeling: We are holding onto the problem with water from all pipes, so to speak. And those who work in nursing have the feeling: “These are drops in the ocean” because it is only just beginning to take effect. That is why this law is so important for the creation of reliability and trust, and I would ask you to approve it today.

(Applause from the CDU / CSU and members of the SPD)

A second important area in this law is the stabilization of the finances of the statutory health insurance in these difficult economic times. We now have almost ten years of economic growth, growth in jobs, good wages and pensions behind us, and in these difficult economic times we can see how quickly, when the economy is no longer going well, the social security systems can be reduced by less Income and additional expenses are noticeable, especially of course in this pandemic.

Then it means that we have to distribute the burden on several shoulders. One is a supplementary federal grant for 2021 – I’m also on the Budget Committee, which is having its clean-up meeting today – of 5 billion euros for next year, thus a federal grant of almost 20 billion euros next year, and the other is the 8th Billions of euros from the 20 billion euros reserves of the statutory health insurance funds that we are adding.

Yes, these reserves have been built up by the coffers for worse times; But the times are worse now Yes, it’s contributor money; But the money is also used to relieve the contributors and, above all, not to burden them additionally in this economic crisis. And yes, some say that is socialization. No, that’s solidarity! It is the system of statutory health insurance that you stand up for one another, and in the end, in difficult times, this also applies to your reserves.

(Applause from the CDU / CSU and members of the SPD)

Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, this law is an important and necessary step in order to relieve, retain and attract nursing staff and to make the nursing profession more attractive, even more attractive in difficult times. And it is an important law for the stability of the finances of the statutory health insurance in this pandemic and economic crisis. So I ask for your approval.

(Applause from the CDU / CSU and members of the SPD)


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