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The Pilot Scheme on Home Care & Support for Elderly Persons with Mild Impairment will be extended to the end of December 2022, the Community Care Fund Secretariat today announced.

Launched in 2017, the scheme provides home care and support services for low-income seniors with mild impairment.

The extended scheme will continue to adopt five co-payment categories on a sliding scale, and eligible elderly people are required to co-pay an amount of the service value.

The Social Welfare Department will determine the amount of co-payment according to the monthly household income of the seniors.

Those under the scheme may also choose to receive services on the basis of each meal or service hour according. The ceiling for the meal service per month is increased from 50 meals to 62 meals whereas the ceiling for the service hours for home services is increased from 12 to 15.

The extended scheme will continue to provide a 4,000 service quota.

Seniors on the waiting list for Integrated Home Care Services (Ordinary Cases) will be invited to join. Service teams will conduct assessments for the elderly and assist the eligible seniors in the application process.

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