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Source: Republic of France in French The French Republic has issued the following statement:

You will find attached the speech by Florence Parly, Minister of the Armed Forces, for the opening of the digital meeting “Military spouses, the challenge of employment” on November 27, 2020.

Only the pronouncement is authentic.

Hello everyone,

It is a great pleasure and I must confess to you a very pleasant feeling to open this day dedicated to the challenge of employment faced by military spouses. And it is obviously first of all to you, who share your life with a soldier, that I would like to address myself today.

And if I have the opportunity to do so today, it’s thanks in large part to you. Thanks to your idea of ​​what life is and should be like as a military spouse. Thanks to your determination to carry this vision, and your will to make it happen.

The greatest strength of our armies is above all that of our soldiers. Their moral strength, their immense courage and their abnegation. And to salute their commitment is also to recognize yours.

Because if there is one thing that I have deeply believed in since taking office, it is that when you recruit a soldier, you hire a whole family. I measure it on each of my trips within regiments, naval and air bases, and of course, in foreign theaters or on mission.

Without you, our military would not engage with such determination and certainty in the accomplishment of their missions. They wouldn’t have that extraordinary fortitude. They could not give so much for France. And whatever your situation, I would like to say “thank you” very simply.

To be a soldier is obviously to be subject to many constraints. And very often, they are experienced in pairs. And it is up to us, the Ministry of the Armed Forces, to recognize this and support you to better deal with these constraints on a daily basis.

What I want to tell you today is that the commitment to France must not come at the expense of you, who you are and what you want to become. Your spouse’s profession is surely an integral part of your identity, but you should not let it define you. This is where the economic empowerment begins, which associations like the Women Forces strive to promote with great energy.

If I am here this morning in your midst, at least in a virtual way, it is because I want, with you, to change the representations of the soldier’s wife, the military’s wife, a housewife by constraint more only by choice. I also hope that the outlook of our institution will change on the employment of a spouse and the conduct of two parallel careers within couples.

Because in the 21st century, your development should not always come after that of your spouse and because your life should not depend entirely on his, we must take action.

The main thing, I believe, is to be able to choose. And it turns out that the constraints of the military profession often choose for you. However, there is no fatality, no fate written in advance, believe my experience.

Moreover, the figures bear witness to this, since the employment rate of spouses continues to increase and has almost reached the national average. But that is not enough because it is just as important to be able to lead your own professional career.

I know how geographic mobility can hinder it and we need to move forward on this point. This is one of the first measures that I decided to take within the framework of the Family Plan by asking that 80% of transfers be declared at least five months before the date of assignment and that the estimated duration of assignment be known. These are simple measures that are in effect today in all armies.

With the Family Plan, we have sought to simplify already complicated lives. We wanted to give you back some of the support you provide to our armies every day. A way of saying our gratitude out loud.

But recognition is not enough. 3 years ago, we already identified the difficulties you face in your professional lives. We then established personalized support towards employment. Defense mobility was mobilized more to open benefits to military spouses.

We have to know it and we have to make it known: in this area, we still have a lot of work to make known its role and its range of support tools, which evolves according to the difficulties you share with us.

Despite these measures, you had the courage to tell us, and I thank you for it, the status of your spouses still imposes on you too many difficulties and personal sacrifices. It sometimes puts you in situations of economic dependence. Too often it forces you to give up your personal aspirations.

This is the reason why I decided to strengthen the measures of the Family Plan to support you towards employment despite the constraints of the military profession.

These new measures that I am about to present have been developed from your proposals and the reality of your daily life to best adjust them to your needs in perfect understanding with the HRD-MD and the director of the Family Plan project that I thank you very much.

They are therefore organized around three axes which are all requests on your part to promote employment.

First of all, I want an observatory for military spouses to be set up. Because recognition and listening will be the key to our collective success, it has been designed as a space for discussion dedicated to the words of each and every one of you. So that all of you, individually or through associations, can report your needs, your expectations, your difficulties. It will allow us to better understand your aspirations, to better respond to them.

I have also decided to strengthen support for parents by increasing childcare solutions. Facilitating access to employment means first of all enabling each and every one to no longer be dependent on the many obstacles that complicate the search for durable and practical childcare solutions.

We are therefore launching a call for tenders from all childcare and home help intermediaries to bring out a digital offer of specific services tailored to your needs. The Ministry of the Armed Forces will fund the contribution for access to these solutions which will allow you to cope with your daily constraints as well as all the unexpected that characterize your life. By freeing up your time, we want to free you from professional energy.

In an emergency situation due to an operational commitment without notice, the ministry is committed to finding a childcare situation and may offer to cover childcare costs up to € 1,500 per year.

Finally, we wanted to take specific measures to help with employment and to promote your talents.

First, we will create a closer link between you and the employers of the Ministry of the Armed Forces, where the diversity of jobs is immense. You have a sense of commitment, you are already imbued with the culture of the Armies, and you surely have many qualities which can be a strength and an asset for the ministry. We will bring the databases of spouses looking for employment from Defense Mobility closer to the job offers offered to civilians by the ministry, naturally respecting the principle of equal access to public employment.

In general, we want to facilitate your access to the public service, as well as to mobility within the public service: thanks to Defense Mobility, we will mobilize so that your desire to serve the State does not remain in the background. state of aspiration, but becomes a reality. As of January 1, you will be able to benefit from training courses designed to speed up your search for public employment and your mobility procedures.

For those who have never yet exercised a professional activity but who want to, we will also develop employment coaching. From January 2021, you will be able to benefit from personalized support with the support of Defense Mobility. Advisors will be at your side to create, step by step, your professional project, guide you towards the right training courses and support you in your research.

We will also offer support dedicated to female entrepreneurship. Today, many women want to get started, but do not dare and feel isolated in their project. Défense Mobilité will therefore join forces with “Les Premieres”, an incubator network specializing in female entrepreneurship, to offer a career path dedicated to business creation.

Finally, in the event of return from abroad and overseas, we will develop remote support in order to anticipate the search for employment. And to speed up your return to work after a transfer, you will have the opportunity to get in touch with advisers from the Defense Mobility office in your new region, several months before your arrival.

These new measures that I am proud to present to you today are also the result of your determination to bring them to us. They are a reflection of your willingness to move forward and never to resolve to inertia.

My last message will therefore be simple: continue. Keep moving forward, mobilizing for what you believe in. To the young people I meet as I travel, and particularly to young girls, I always tell them never to limit their ambitions. You have to aim high, dare and above all listen to yourself.

Don’t give up on your goals. By your talents, by your investment, by your work. Through the efforts we will make together to make your journey to employment easier.

Finally, I would like to thank the Women Forces association, and its president Agathe Franc, who carries this ambition with a lot of will and energy, and to whom I am happy to give the floor.

I wish you very rich exchanges and sharing during this beautiful morning.

Thank you all.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and / or sentence structure not be perfect.

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