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Source: Republic of Colombia

Photographer: Nicolás Galeano – Presidency.

Bogotá (Nov. 26/20).

My special greeting to my good friend the President of the sister Republic of Ecuador, Lenín Moreno.

My special greetings to all the members of the Cabinet of the sister Republic of Ecuador. My greetings to my colleagues in the government, to my government team that is with us today.

First of all I want to highlight the brotherhood that exists between our countries, which we have been deepening and strengthening, in an increasingly productive and coordinated relationship.

I also want to especially thank the devotion and commitment that President Lenín Moreno has given to these Binational Cabinets.

We were in Quito two years ago, a year ago we were in Cali, today we are virtually due to the pandemic, but our host country for this meeting is Ecuador.

I want to highlight the following about this important meeting.

In the first place, the coordination that exists and that has existed to face the covid-19 pandemic. I express my solidarity to President Lenin for all the families who have lost loved ones in Ecuador.

We have also lost many Colombians due to this disease that is indiscriminately hitting the entire planet.

Today we can say that thanks to the coordination that has existed we have had response tools and we are in a process of gradual and progressive reopening and thinking about the well-being of our people at the border points, having as a central element the biosecurity protocols and avoiding the crowds.

This is also the occasion to say that through this bilateral channel of periodic meetings we have reaffirmed our role in multilateral organizations such as the Andean Community of Nations, as is the case of Prosur, as is the case of the Alliance. del Pacífico, where I reiterate my commitment, in front of the Pro Tempore Presidency that I will assume very soon, to promote Ecuador’s entry into the Pacific Alliance.

We have also been able to work in a coordinated way in the Organization of American States and recently in the electoral process that took place in the Inter-American Development Bank and I also take the opportunity to highlight the presence that Ecuador has today at the head of former Minister Richard, a young person, of a new generation of leaders and economists who we recognize as an ideal person to assume this responsibility.

I would also like to emphasize that within the framework of this Binational Cabinet, the aspects of cooperation in defense matters have been deepened, where the lines of operational action have been strengthened, sharing intelligence information and breaking up criminal structures that are hitting both countries.

I also welcome the fact that there are international campaigns where the seizure of drugs, the dismantling of cartels, and, of course, effective interdiction is increasing.

I also emphasize that in this meeting we have deepened integration in road matters and we hope in the coming months to be able to be with President Lenín Moreno inaugurating the La Espriella-Río Mataje connection, also with the start-up of the Border Attention Center, centers that have the possibility and the duty to attend to the inhabitants of the two nations.

I am pleased that we have made an effective balance and reaffirmed our commitments in environmental matters, where not only are the countries working on developing goals for 203 in reducing emissions, but also within the framework of the Leticia pact and recently in the call that Colombia did within the framework of the United Nations to protect the moorlands and high mountain ecosystems, we have also had the support of Ecuador.

In energy matters, integration is vital, improving regulatory environments and understanding that in times of demand stress we can supply them and attend to them due to surpluses.

And I also highlight that in educational matters we have coordinated measures so that the alternation process in the framework of the pandemic also has an element of sharing lessons and strengthening a trust scheme for students, providing connectivity, virtual education, and use the public media to disseminate learning tools.

I also want to emphasize that the matter that has approached us in the health coordination invites us that through the Covax mechanism, through the Pan American Health Organization and the World Health Organization we also have access, not only to the vaccines that add the components of bilateral negotiations, but that in that coordination we can all, very clearly, have as a fundamental premise that we aspire to have the vaccination cycle in the first half of 2021.

I want to highlight the coordination in border policy. Highlight the coordination of commercial matters. We want to continue arriving with more exports and for Colombia to be conducive to exports from Ecuador.

We believe it is important that within the framework of the existing treaties we can finalize aspects of normative and regulatory purification that benefit producers in both countries.

We also consider it highly convenient and very opportune for us in tourism and in the cultural and creative industries to continue opening a space for us to co-produce, co-distribute, co-protect and have the ability to do co-commercialization; making binational public goods regional and global public goods.

With all these elements on the table, President Lenin, we have signed with pride and pleasure this Binational Declaration, where as Heads of State we once again strengthen ties and I want to reiterate the love and appreciation of all the Colombian people for you, and always thank you that fraternity that has been unconditional in good times and in bad times and that today, once again, in this Binational Cabinet we have endorsed because Colombia and Ecuador have a common history, they have a common friendship and they have common purposes.

Thank you very, very much.

Taken from the page of the Presidency of the Republic of Colombia.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and / or sentence structure not be perfect.

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