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The Government will introduce changes to the Liberal Studies subject under the senior secondary curriculum, including giving it a new name.


During a press conference on the Policy Address initiatives today, Secretary for Education Kevin Yeung said the Government made the decision after considering the proposals put forward by the Task Force on Review of School Curriculum as well as the community’s concerns on the subject.


Mr Yeung explained the rationale behind the name change, adding that the move was appropriate.


“On the question of Liberal Studies, it is not that we find the name a problem. We have observed that over the years, there are a lot of associations – usually some not so good connotations – with the name. 


“So, as we are now going to refine the subject, we are trying to give the subject a new start. We think it is more appropriate to have a new name. But what the name should be, we will let the CDC or the Curriculum Development Council discuss and decide. We have no problem with the word ‘liberal’ or not.


“In the current curriculum design of Liberal Studies, there are also elements of national education. So there is no major change in the new or what we call the revamped subject. There will also be discussions of national education. That is always one of our objectives..”


The Government intends to implement the changes from the start of the next academic year, Mr Yeung added.

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