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Source: State of Tasmania Government

26 November 2020

Guy Barnett, Minister for Energy

The Tasmanian Liberal Government has taken strong action throughout 2020 to support electricity customers and deliver lower energy costs for Tasmanians.

We have delivered a regulated power price decrease of 1.38 per cent from 1 July 2020 and Tasmania continues to experience some of the lowest regulated power prices in the nation.

This was confirmed by the Tasmanian Economic Regulator, with electricity prices in Tasmania either the lowest or second lowest in the nation for residential regulated tariffs, with mid-sized businesses having the lowest electricity prices in Australia.

We are committed to easing cost of living pressures for Tasmanians and this is very positive news, especially in light of COVID-19 restrictions that resulted in many people working or schooling from home.

This is on top of the Government’s $45 million electricity concession scheme – regarded as one of the most generous schemes in the nation.

Aurora Energy has also invested $5 million to assist customers with bill relief during the COVID-19 pandemic through waiving fees or charges and a range of other support measures.

I understand there is just under $4 million left in this fund and if anyone is struggling with their bills, I urge them to contact Aurora as soon as possible so their situation can be properly assessed.

The No Interest Loan Network’s Tasmanian Energy Saver Loan and Subsidy Program has also been a fantastic success for Tasmanians looking to lower their power bills with energy efficient products.

The scheme has helped over 652 applicants across the 2019/20 period, with $600,000 in loans and $470,000 in subsidies helping Tasmanians access items such as blinds, heat pumps, curtains, insulation and whitegoods.

The Tasmanian Government committed $1 million over four years to support the program in the 2018/19 Budget, and I am very pleased it has provided Tasmanians with products they need to lower their power bills for years to come.

For more information on the NILS Energy Saver Loan and Subsidy Program contact NILS on 1300 301 650 or go to