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Source: Government of Western Australia

From 5 December 2020, particular businesses will be required to maintain contact registers for WA Health Department COVID-19 contact tracing, if required.

In the event that COVID-19 is detected in the WA community, contact registers enable the WA Health Contact Team to quickly identify and assist anyone that may have been exposed to the virus.

With rising infection rates internationally and second and third wave outbreaks occurring in many parts of the world, it is important that Western Australia continues to have appropriate systems in place to keep the community safe for the long term.

Contact tracing is one of the most effective measures in controlling the spread of COVID-19 if an outbreak occurred. Contact tracing involves identifying individuals who may have been exposed to an infectious case of COVID-19 and having these people avoid contact with others until we can be sure they are not going to develop the disease.

Through the SafeWA app, available from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, businesses can avail of a digital contact register system that is easy to use, hygienic, protects patrons’ privacy and is efficient for contact tracing.

The following businesses are required to maintain a contact register from 5 December 2020:

  • food and licenced venues (restaurants, cafés, bars, pubs, taverns, nightclubs)
  • gyms, indoor sporting centres and pools
  • places of worship and funeral parlours
  • beauty and personal care services including hairdressers and barbers
  • galleries and museums
  • cinemas, theatres and other entertainment venues
  • auction houses and real estate inspections
  • community facilities, libraries and halls
  • zoos and amusement parks
  • function centres
  • accommodation facilities that already have check-in arrangements in place (i.e. hostels, hotels, large camp grounds).

Contact registration is encouraged, but not mandatory for other businesses and gatherings.

Businesses are also encouraged to provide an alternative (manual) method of registering patron details, such as a paper-based register. This will ensure access to their premises is inclusive and allows patrons that may not have access or choose not to use the electronic register to have an alternative registration method. The WA Government have provided a suggested format for businesses to use for paper-based registers, available from the WA Government website.

For more information on setting up your business account please refer to

To ser up your personal account on SafeWA, see

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