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Source: Government of Ukraine

The Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal took part in a meeting with representatives of civil society – active participants in the revolutionary events of 1990, 2004, 2013-2014, as well as defenders of the state and intellectual elite. The event took place on November 21 under the chairmanship of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

The Head of State noted that the greatest achievement of the three revolutions is the new consciousness of both citizens and authorities.

“Every citizen knows that change is really possible. The phrase “nothing depends on me” is a myth. Together we can do everything,” the President of Ukraine stressed.

For his part, the Prime Minister also noted that the revolutionary events have changed many people, and thus changed Ukraine. He stressed that the country will never abandon the European integration course, as this is a key point of the new social agreement between Ukrainians and the State.

“I have no doubt that Ukraine will become a member of the European Union. But it is no less important how we – the state and society – will advance along this way, move towards European standards. It is a daily change, daily work that changes our lives. We are abandoning the Soviet-era vestiges in the mind, in the economy, we are becoming more open and tolerant. We learn to care for and support each other. Our political culture is changing, society is changing,” said Denys Shmyhal.

The Head of Government stressed that this would not have happened without the landmark events of 1990, 2004 and 2013-14: “And that is why we are eternally indebted to those who laid down their lives for the better future of Ukraine.”

“We have not just shown that we want to live by European standards. We have become more open to the world, and the world has become more open to Ukraine. Every day our international partners demonstrate that. We have proved to everyone that the Ukrainian people are an integral part of the European family, which creates its future with its history, culture and language,” the Prime Minister accentuated.

In addition, the participants commended the unique format of the meeting between the participants of the three revolutions and the fighting in eastern Ukraine, as well as honored the memory of all those who died for Ukraine.

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