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Source: Traditional Unionist Voice – Northern Ireland

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:

 “In early July, Michelle O’Neill told the public that she was willing to cooperate with the PSNI investigation into the Storey funeral. Now we learn that, instead of assisting the police, she and other Sinn Fein members lawyered up and only consented to being interviewed on Wednesday of this week.

“It is important to remember that breaches of the Covid regulations are summary offences meaning that prosecutions must be brought within six months. I suspect that a Republican tactic has been to run down the clock. 

“There is a duty on the PSNI to demonstrate that no one is above the law and I therefore believe that they need to act with a speed which has been so far lacking in relation to this matter.

“No one should be above the law, particularly those who make the law. As recently as Monday of this week I gave the deputy First Minister an opportunity to apologise for her actions at the funeral. She declined to do so. The public, including business owners who have been told they have to close next week and church goers who are going to be denied the right to assemble for worship, will be aghast.

“When one sets this in a context where Sinn Fein sat on Covid support payments intended to support businesses for months and only paid them back once a media spotlight was turned on the issue it is small wonder that there is outrage across Northern Ireland today.

“Unless action is taken quickly, many will conclude that it is a case of one rule for Sinn Fein and quite another for the rest of us.”

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