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Source: Traditional Unionist Voice – Northern Ireland

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:

“While Alliance might like to portray themselves as different from the other parties around the executive table, Mrs Long’s decision to take no action against Gerry Kelly will strike many as another example of Sinn Fein being allowed to do as they please.

“The Justice Minister seeks to hide behind legal advice in order to justify her lack of action again Kelly. She should publish the advice. As the recipient, Naomi Long can wave privilege. Let the public see just why it is thought acceptable for a member of the Policing Board to joke about an event in which a prison officer was shot in the head and another died after suffering a heart attack during the breakout. What are serving prison officers – for whom Mrs Long is ultimately responsible – to make of the lack of action against Kelly?

“This is yet another incident which will have many people asking fundamental questions about the nature of politics in Northern Ireland. Just why is it that Sinn Fein are untouchable?

“Furthermore, one does have to wonder about the timing of Naomi Long’s announcement. It is hard to escape the conclusion that she hopes her decision will not receive the attention it demands because of the focus on the impending lockdown and general chaos of the Executive in which she is a Minister.”

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