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Librarian advice: we read fairy tales with kids, fantasy and adventures with teenagers.

On weekends, the staff of the metropolitan reading rooms talk about the works that are best read with kids and discuss with older children. Margarita Kuznetsova from Library No. 66 chose six books that can make any family evening more interesting and warm.


“Pykh the locomotive” by Tamara Kryukova

I love watching the kids in our library, every time I am very happy that they are taught a love of reading from an early age. They like not only to take books home, but also just walk among the shelves, leafing through volumes in a cozy corner of the hall. One of the favorite books of our little readers is “The Puff Engine” by Tamara Kryukova.

It consists of short stories written in simple and easy language. They will help kids figure out what real friendship, politeness and good manners are. The heroes will teach you how to fall asleep easier, tell you how to find talent in yourself, and explain what is most valuable in life.

Tamara Kryukova is a laureate of various children’s literary awards. In 2007, for example, she became the winner of the Scarlet Sails All-Russian competition.

“Emotions of Gaston” by Aurelie Shien Sho Shin

The second book, which I want to recommend to parents of toddlers, touches on not only the fashionable, but also a very important topic of emotional intelligence. In the modern world, children find it difficult to cope with their emotions, sometimes they do not even understand what is happening to them. Books from the “Emotions of Gaston” series of the modern writer and illustrator Aurelie Shien Sho Shin come to the rescue.

The books explain that anger, anger, jealousy, resentment, embarrassment are natural reactions that can actually be controlled. They will help the child to live his emotion together with the main character, the cute unicorn Gaston, and find peace again.

Older guys

“Wild Robot” by Peter Brown

A poll among the participants of the Moscow Summer Reading Program 2020 action showed that one of the most read books among children is The Wild Robot by American writer Peter Brown. There is a journey, a disaster, an uninhabited island, and an unusual hero – a robot girl named Rose.

She will have to survive in the wild, adapt to a new unusual world, make friends with its inhabitants. And, of course, to become a real person, knowing kindness, responsibility for oneself and others, learning to understand and accept others. In general, she will like the island: there are various animals and birds with which she will make friends, as well as the Redbeak gosling, which follows her everywhere. So she will not want to go back at all.

“The Pea Man and the Simpleton” by Alexander Sharov

Also, be sure to read the book “The Pea Man and the Simpleton” by the famous Soviet writer Alexander Sharov with your children. This is a pseudonym, his real name is Cher Nuremberg. He wrote not just an interesting fairy tale, but a work that will make you think about quite serious topics.

The main character, the orphan Simpleton, confronts the powerful sorcerer Turroputo, who wants to plunge the whole world into chaos. And all the hope is for the wise Teacher who met along the way and for the mother’s magical inheritance tied in a knot. Some may think that the piece is a little dark. But children love such stories, so I guarantee that they will read this book in one gulp.


“Theory of improbabilities” by Victoria Lederman

Many people think that modern teen literature is superficial and teaches nothing. But this is not the case. Many works combine both an interesting narration and wise thoughts, such as, for example, The Theory of Improbabilities.

This book captures from the first page with its sharp plot twists. It is absolutely impossible to predict in advance what will happen next. First, the main character, an ordinary teenager Matvey, is turned off at home. And then he finds himself in an alternative reality, from where he urgently needs to get out. After all, there is no place for a boy – it is occupied by a completely different person, and besides, a girl. Trying to return home, the boy gets a rare chance to change his own life. And also – to learn not to withdraw into oneself, to value loved ones, to believe in friendship and people.

Contemporary Russian writer Victoria Lederman knows all about the teenagers she makes the protagonists of her books – she worked as a school teacher. Thanks to her imagination, ordinary guys get into incredible alterations and this definitely does not let the readers get bored. Lederman is a laureate of the Krapivin, Kniguru and others awards.

“Solongo. The Mystery of the Lost Expedition “by Evgeny Rudashevsky

The book “Solongo. The Mystery of the Lost Expedition ”I really want to recommend not only to teenagers. It seems to me that adults who loved adventures, travels and works of Vladislav Krapivin in their youth will also appreciate it. Moreover, it was written by a young but already well-known writer Yevgeny Rudashevsky, a laureate of many literary prizes.

The beginning of the book is somewhat reminiscent of a mysterious and fascinating quest room. The plot includes realistic adventures, travels, detective investigations, and the discovery of new unexplored lands. This book is about the relationship between man and nature, about happiness and bitter losses, about friendship and betrayal, as well as about what is much more important than gold. Together with the heroes, you will go on an expedition across Eastern Siberia and unravel their secrets.

More great books, verified by readers of children’s libraries and their staff, – in the rubric Librarian Tips.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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