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Source: US State of Maine

November 19, 2020

In response to inquiries regarding Standard Offer Electric Supply Rates and electric bills in Maine, the MPUC is issuing the following statement:

An electric bill includes two components: electricity supply and delivery. The Standard Offer Supply Rate announced earlier this week for Versant and Central Maine Power Customers is just one part of the total electric bill.

When the electric industry restructured in 2000, utilities were required to sell their electricity generating assets and therefore no longer supplied the electricity. They do, however, maintain the infrastructure that delivers the power to your home or business. That includes substations, large transmission lines, distribution lines, utility poles and meters that connect to your home or business.

Since the law was changed in 2000, electric customers have had the option of choosing their own electricity supplier or using the default supplier, which is the supplier or suppliers chosen in the competitive bidding process for Standard Offer Electricity Supply conducted by the MPUC. Maine’s electric utilities do not set the rates for electricity supply, they simply bill on behalf of the suppliers so that customers do not receive two bills.

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