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Source: Channel Islands – Jersey

Jersey’s new Children’s Minister will mark UNICEF World Children’s Day by paying tribute to all children and young people in Jersey for making “incredible efforts to help keep everyone” safe through the Coronavirus pandemic.

On Friday, 20 November countries around the globe celebrate World Children’s Day, the anniversary of the adoption of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.  It’s a day for children by children – a day to imagine a better future for every child.

Children and Housing Minister Deputy Jeremy Maçon said: “Earlier this year we carried out a survey with the Children’s Commissioner’s Office. More than 2,100 children and young people shared their thoughts and feelings on a range of topics, from the impact coronavirus has had on their friendships, to their experiences of home learning, school, physical and mental health, and their rights. 

“It was so important to hear directly from children about the efforts they are making to try and protect their loved ones and community. I would like to pay tribute to all children and young people who have shown tremendous resilience and risen to the challenges of this pandemic.”

Deputy Maçon sent a message directly to children and young people: “Please continue making those incredible efforts to help keep everyone safe. It really does make a difference. This special day is your day. It’s a day I want each and every one of you to celebrate your achievements. You deserve it. Enjoy it safely.”

Deputy Maçon also paid tribute to all those working with children to help keep them safe: “This year has been an unprecedented and challenging year for some of our services that work with children and young people, and our staff have shown some excellent examples of leadership by going that extra mile.

“I would also like to pay tribute to all those who work so hard to protect our children and keep them safe.”

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