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Source: CDU CSU

Dear Mr President! Dear Colleagues! AI is the key issue so that Germany and Europe – Germany is the country, Europe is the continent of inventors and thinkers – remain leading innovation locations worldwide, my dear colleagues. But we have to assert ourselves in tough international competition so that we can shape the future in the field of artificial intelligence. The handwriting of KI has to be signed in Europe and in Germany.

Already – right now – at this moment, at this moment, AI in medicine is helping to save human lives. Images can be evaluated faster, diagnoses can be made better. In professional training, individualized learning content can be presented more quickly thanks to AI-based training platforms. That is why we as the CDU / CSU parliamentary group have started a project; this is MILLA, a learning platform that should also be AI-based. And this is exactly where the future must start now.

Wherever opportunities arise, ladies and gentlemen, there are also risks. And it is precisely these risks that we must discuss here in the heart of democracy, here in the German Bundestag. That’s why I can only agree with my colleague Hansjörg Durz. I would also have been happy if the left had not abstained, but said either yes or no. I think that is also part of democracy.

(Applause from the CDU / CSU – Jan Korte [DIE LINKE]: That seems to be a trauma! I don’t get it!)

– No, this is not trauma. I believe the trauma is on your side. – But let’s move on to the text.

(Jessica Tatti [DIE LINKE]: I have a different understanding of democracy!)

The final report of the “Artificial Intelligence” commission of inquiry, ladies and gentlemen, dear colleagues, is more than the 800-page PDF file that you can now perhaps save on your iPad in the library. No, it is the start of an open and constructive debate. For us, for the CDU / CSU parliamentary group, it is clear: The ethical guard rails are here in Parliament, and are won and fought for here together with society. For us it is just as clear: the focus is on people.

For me as a labor market politician, AI is a huge opportunity. And why is it a huge opportunity? Because we can design, create new jobs right now. And why am I saying that here now too? It is important not just to say: Yes, jobs will also be lost. – But there will be a lot of jobs in the high-tech industry, but also for non-academics.

It is precisely on this path that we as Parliament must take the people with us. We mustn’t let the feeling arise that someone is being left behind, that someone is being left standing and that someone cannot join in. Everyone can and should take part in artificial intelligence, dear colleagues.

(Applause from the CDU / CSU and members of the SPD)

AI must serve people, AI must be a tool, AI will be an aid; Many colleagues have already mentioned this. Let us in this House – also with you, dear Group of the Left – let us share this final report, on which you abstained – whereby “final report” is the wrong name; The future begins with this report by the Enquete Commission – take it now as a starting point to advance AI and bring this debate to an end here in the German Bundestag and in society.

(Jessica Tatti [DIE LINKE]: However, everyone has already noticed that we abstained! You don’t have to say it again!)

Dear colleagues, the development of artificial intelligence will be exciting. I’m looking forward to it personally. The CDU / CSU parliamentary group is looking forward to it. But for us it is clear: the focus is on people.

Many thanks.

(Applause from the CDU / CSU – Jan Korte [DIE LINKE]: Can you say something about the abstention?)


EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and / or sentence structure not be perfect.

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