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Madam President! Ladies and gentlemen! As social politicians, we very often have the task of debating and re-evaluating the decisions made by the mothers and fathers of reunification. I have great respect for this achievement that was made at the time, namely to bring two such different social systems together, two so different countries together and bring them on a common basis. To this day, I always have great respect when I see how many thoughts you have actually given, how much consideration has ultimately taken place. That doesn’t mean that you always please everyone, but that you acted to the best of your knowledge and belief.

And at this point I would also be very clear: I can always understand both sides, especially in socio-political discussions, in heated debates. On this issue, one can also show understanding to the old settlers who left the GDR under the most difficult conditions, fled, put their lives on the line, who ended up with the GDR, their former home, and who also developed a trust in the law on foreign pensions and trusted to retire under this law. But I can also understand my colleagues at the time of the fall of the Wall, the decision-makers of the time who had to undertake a complete re-evaluation of the situation at the time and who, above all, had to merge two very different systems.

At this point, however, one has to say one thing: The law on foreign pensions was of course justified, also for those who had fled at the time, but of course it lost some of its justification with the fall of the wall, with reunification, with the establishment of a uniform pension law.

(Matthias W. Birkwald [DIE LINKE]: Nobody who came after May 18, 1990 wants something! Only those who came before it!)

With the fall of the Berlin Wall and reunification, the Federal Republic of course had access to the contributions paid, to the former system of the GDR, and the Foreign Pension Act is based precisely on the idea that you do not have this access. In this respect, it was a completely different situation after the fall of the Berlin Wall and reunification, which also made it necessary to reassess the situation.

I would like to say one thing at this point, because people who have worked in the former GDR and who have performed work there are assessed differently in terms of pension law, because it is still required today to retire according to the Foreign Pension Act everyone else who worked in the GDR at the same time, then we would indeed create socio-political injustices here. Our highest goal in social policy is to always ensure balance and always create fair solutions, even if they may not please everyone in the end.

Vice President in Claudia Roth:

Ms. colleague, would you allow a comment or a question from Mr. Birkwald?

Jana Schimke (CDU / CSU):

In the moment not. Thank you very much.

In this respect, today’s debate is also about affirming once more that German unity also means unity in law and that the decisions of that time are still good and correct today.

Many thanks.

(Applause from the CDU / CSU)


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