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Source: CDU CSU

Dear Madam President! Colleagues! During these hours our thoughts are of course with the victims and their families, with the Grande Nation, but also with the city of Nice, which has been struck again by such a cruel assassination attempt.

This, dear colleagues, is not just an attack on our security, it is an attack on our values. I would like to say one thing in advance and say out into the world so that there is not even a single doubt in any corner of the world: We will not change the slightest thing about our values, our liberal, cultural, civilizational roots and achievements, our customs.

(Applause from the CDU / CSU and members of the FDP – Dr. Bernd Baumann [AfD]: You say that in Duisburg-Marxloh!)

We are proud of our free values ​​and this free society. And yes, we pride ourselves on the freedom of the press and the arts. If Emmanuel Macron makes this clear in public, it is not lynching against Muslims, but rather it goes without saying – Emmanuel Macron speaks for all of us – and in case of doubt it is a protection for the vast majority of Muslims in Europe who are with us to these Values ​​stand.

Certainly sometimes a discussion is appropriate about how far satire can go, how far it should go and what limits of human dignity and, yes, also of religious feeling it should respect. But the President of the North Rhine-Westphalian state parliament, André Kuper, said a sentence today that couldn’t get to the point better and which I want to repeat here again: “In Europe, … in a democracy the word is spoken and not the violence, not the knife. “

That is why I call on all people who, regardless of their origin, want to live with us here, to also live these values ​​together with us, and not only that, but to defend these values ​​with us especially in these hours and in these days. Conversely, I tell you: We will measure you by your deeds and not by your origin and certainly not by your religion. – In this context I ask all Islamic associations and institutions in Europe, preachers and prayer leaders in the mosques to join us in publicly condemning such acts loudly and audibly.

(Applause from MPs of the AfD)

I am grateful to people like Kevin Kühnert who endeavor to initiate a discussion about this within the political left. His contribution to the discussion couldn’t be more topical. Because please let us make one thing clear to ourselves: Islam as a religion shares many things in common with us Christians. The most important is prayer, the prayer to the one God, but also values ​​such as mercy and charity.

Conversely, the ideology of politically radical Islamism is exactly at odds with all of this. This ideology is anti-democratic. It is misogynist, it is hostile to gays, hostile to Jews, hostile to science, hostile to pleasure – yes, hostile to life. Politically radical Islam, dear colleagues, is a form of fascism. Please make that clear to yourself!

Of course, in France we have seen a dramatic development of parallel societies in the last few decades, which have certainly also prepared the ground for young people from these societies to allow themselves to be dramatically seduced, misguided and radicalized. When we as a Union in Germany keep talking about the fact that we have to keep an eye on the limits of our capabilities when it comes to the asylum issue and our interests and the question of who suits us when it comes to migration, it is precisely for these reasons: to face such fundamental issues Problems like those experienced in France to defend against any beginnings.

But at the end I want to say: We still can’t fool ourselves. Of course, these attacks in France also bear another, very distinctive signature, namely that of the struggle for survival of the IS, which has lost its sphere of influence in Syria and which wants to prove its existence in Europe, which deliberately spares certain areas of interest in Europe and, conversely, states like France wants to deliberately destabilize with a series of attacks. That’s what it’s about. It’s about power, and unfortunately it’s also about geopolitical interests in the background.

So I’ll say two things at the end:

The attacks are currently taking place in France; but they are an attack on Europe. We must and we will therefore stand together in this struggle in Europe.

I urge the Turkish President to stop playing with fire here. I won’t say more about this at this point.

Many thanks.

(Applause from the CDU / CSU and members of the SPD, AfD, FDP and BÜNDNISSES 90 / DIE GRÜNEN)


EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and / or sentence structure not be perfect.

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