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Source: University of Canterbury – statements

18 November 2020

Parenting can be a demanding and stressful job at any time, however parenting through a pandemic can pile additional pressure on parents, according to new research.

  • Teach your children to be more independent – even younger children can learn to make a simple lunch or a snack. Older children can be more self-directed. That way children are not replying on you, the parent, for everything.
  • Self-regulation – if you tend to be overwhelmed by your emotions, it may be time to take charge and learn how to calm yourself. This will help children to keep calmer and will model positive behaviour to them as well.
  • Shifting your perspective through challenging situations can be difficult but a little bit of optimism can go a long way to getting you through the tough times. Use positive self-talk and focus on the positive aspects of the situation.