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Source: Government of Australia Capital Territory

Public Health Emergency in the ACT

A Public Health Emergency has been declared in the ACT for the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. See the COVID-19 website for more information.

Released 18/11/2020

Additional signage has been erected at the Flemington Road / Wizard Street traffic light intersection in Gungahlin to remind southbound motorists to be safe on our roads and not perform illegal U-turns.

This follows eight near misses since April 2019 that required light rail vehicles to apply the emergency break to avoid a major collision.

“This National Road Safety Week it is important to highlight the need to follow road rules at intersections and to be aware of light rail vehicles,” said Jo Dawson, Executive Branch Manager, Light Rail Operations, Transport Canberra.

“Light rail is part of Canberra’s landscape. It is vital that we take important steps to be safe. We all need to be vigilant when near light rail tracks whether we are passengers, pedestrians, cyclists, e-scooter riders and motorists.

“Thankfully in the eight incidents at the Gungahlin Wizard Street intersection, a major collision has been avoided thanks to the professionalism displayed by light rail drivers,” Ms Dawson said.

Motorists are not permitted to perform U-turns at traffic light intersections. In many locations undertaking a U-turn would conflict with other traffic movements and could be hazardous. At locations where U-turns are allowed signage is displayed at those particular areas advising motorists ‘U Turn permitted’.

As a road user, you must obey all instructions on a regulatory sign, or risk getting a fine and points deducted from your licence.

ACT Policing has issued 38 infringements and 48 cautions this year (to 31 October 2020) for motorists performing illegal U-turns.

“These figures however are not a true representation of how widespread illegal U-turns are,” Officer in charge of Road Policing, Detective Acting Inspector Ivan Naspe, ACT Policing.

“Signs reading ‘no U-turn’ are erected to further highlight the dangers at intersections and to protect you, your passengers, other motorists, cyclists, pedestrians and in this case, light rail vehicles.”

A light rail near miss video highlighting some motorists performing illegal U-turns at the Wizard Street intersection can be found at

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