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Source: State of Tasmania Government

18 November 2020

Guy Barnett, Minister for Primary Industries and Water

Once again the Greens are spreading false claims to damage one of our critical industries that supports thousands of jobs across the State.

To be clear for the Greens, all leases on the East Coast, with the exception of Okehampton Bay, can only be licensed to grow species such as seaweed and shellfish.

We have no intention of changing the zoning of these areas.

Rather than listening to social media rumours, I suggest the Greens get out to our regions and see the benefits this world-class industry has to offer Tasmanians. 

As announced on 1 October 2020*, we are supporting the industry through our Sustainable Industry Growth Plan, and a second progress report on the plan is being developed.

The work will include a marine spatial planning exercise undertaken by the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies to identify potential sustainable growth areas for new offshore finfish marine farms, with $250,000 provided in the budget to support this work, and an Advisory Committee will be established to oversee it.

To be clear, any consideration to change the existing grow and no-grow zones for finfish will be subject to a comprehensive public consultation process that provides all Tasmanians with a chance to comment.

Our salmon industry is world-class and sustainable and we will continue to strongly support it, and the thousands of direct and indirect jobs it supports, especially in regional areas.