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Source: Australian Department of the Environment and Energy

Comment on listing assessment

Invitation to comment

You are invited to provide your views and supporting reasons in relation to the eligibility of three species for inclusion on the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) threatened species list. In order for the EPBC Act list of threatened species to be seen as the authoritative list for the country, it is important that it reflect the true state of the Australian biota. The three species are:

  • Litoria booroolongensis (Booroolong Frog)
  • Litoria spenceri (Spotted Tree Frog)
  • Heleioporus australiacus (Giant Burrowing Frog)

The views of experts, stakeholders and the general public are welcome. Responses can be provided by any interested person.

Anyone may nominate a native species, ecological community or threatening process for listing under the EPBC Act or for a transfer of an item already on the list to a new listing category. The Threatened Species Scientific Committee (the Committee) undertakes the assessment of species to determine eligibility for inclusion in the list of threatened species and provides its recommendation to the Australian Government Minister for the Environment.