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Source: DOSB Representatives of large areas of society turn to politics in the federal government and in the federal states: For solidarity in the pandemic. For solidarity in the pandemic, but also for greater participation by civil society. The German Federation of Trade Unions and the Confederation of German Employers ‘Associations, the Evangelical Church of Germany, the German Bishops’ Conference, the Coordination Council of Muslims and the Central Council of Jews, the German Cultural Council and the German Nature Conservation Ring, together with the German Olympic Sports Confederation, are calling for the following to be sought, for acceptance Advertise, practice solidarityAn appeal by the “Alliance for Open-mindedness, Solidarity, Democracy and the Rule of Law – Against Intolerance, Misanthropy and Violence” on the occasion of the Corona crisis The corona pandemic and its management are a heavy burden for people in Germany and worldwide. Since the outbreak of the crisis, society and politics in our country have done a lot right. The spread of the virus was initially slowed down. An overload of our health system has been prevented so far. The economic and social consequential damage has so far been kept within limits. The number of infections has risen sharply again since October. If we do not get the current pandemic under control quickly, the risks are considerable: for the health and life of many people, their economic existence, but also for social coexistence. A large majority in our country supports the decisive action of politics . The principle that each and every individual must take responsibility for the other continues to meet with broad approval. At the same time, however, acceptance of generalized answers is falling. The challenge is increasingly to find differentiated solutions that are understood and accepted in the longer term. This presupposes a lively democratic debate and an open social discourse. People’s willingness to act in solidarity cannot be prescribed. Solidarity can, however, be strengthened through open, democratic debates. If the basic and freedoms of the individual and social life are restricted, this must not only be scientifically well founded; such measures must also be reasonable, proportionate and democratically legitimized. And it must also be ensured that all those who fear for their economic existence because of the restrictions can rely on the support of the state. Fears and worries are understandable in this difficult situation, criticism and doubts about the decisions made can be justified his. But nobody can claim to live out their freedom at the expense of others. Anyone who undermines the willingness to show solidarity with misinformation and conspiracy theories is endangering our democracy and jeopardizing the health of many people. As part of a broad social alliance, we want to contribute to this. We are committed to open democratic discourse, solidarity and social cohesion. We are united by the conviction that our own freedom ends at the latest where the health and life of others is endangered. That is why we, as the “Alliance for Open-mindedness”, appeal to politics and our fellow citizens: We have parliaments at federal and state level Democracy the central places of political debates and decisions. This must also apply in exceptional situations. Politicians must give good reasons and explain measures that temporarily restrict fundamental rights and freedoms. This also includes ensuring that the measures are comprehensible and actively seeking dialogue with all parts of society. Politics and society are jointly challenged to open up new spaces for debate, criticism and constructive suggestions. We all have a responsibility to protect human lives and to stand by those who are particularly hard hit by the pandemic. Together, the people of our country will be able to contain the spread of the virus and absorb the consequences of the crisis with solidarity. (Source: DOSB)


EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and / or sentence structure not be perfect.

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