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Source: CDU CSU

Dear Madam President! Dear Colleagues! Ladies and gentlemen! Tonight we have to deal once again with a motion from the AfD parliamentary group, which aims solely to suggest to the willing clientele that the AfD is the only force in this country that cares about the real interests of the citizens .

(Shouting from the AfD: You say it! – Dagmar Ziegler [SPD]: Haha!)

Whoever put this application on paper must have been driven by a real furore, as the application deals with a topic that, from the point of view of large parts of the AfD, does not exist at all. It deals with the corona pandemic and the second supplementary budget, which we therefore had to pass. There is no such thing as a dangerous pandemic, as the AfD knows, and further: It’s all just a mild flu. – That is why the budget spokesman for the AfD parliamentary group, Mr Boehringer, was only on the weekend at a corona denier demo here in Berlin, of course without a mask – according to the motto “Show me your smile” – and without a minimum distance.

(Applause from the CDU / CSU and the BÜNDNIS 90 / DIE GRÜNEN as well as from members of the SPD – Norbert Kleinwächter [AfD]: They are deniers of the true extent!)

But interestingly, Mr Boehringer also did a corona test with the parliamentary doctor the day before yesterday. Don’t get me wrong: I think that’s absolutely right, Mr. Boehringer, that you took this test. But there you let yourself be tested for something whose existence you basically deny.

(Laughter and applause from the CDU / CSU – Norbert Kleinwächter [AfD]: The AfD does not deny the existence of Corona, Mr. Körber! Do not spread fake news!)

For you, Mr Boehringer – I am very clear – I am pleased that this test was negative. I do not wish anyone to get sick, of course not even if they think the illness they are suffering from is a old wives’ tale. Nevertheless – I have to say this – your behavior is irresponsible. A test on Tuesday cannot provide any information about a possible infection on Sunday.

(Ulrike Schielke-Ziesing [AfD]: Come to the topic!)

Vice President Claudia Roth:

Do you allow a question or comment from my colleague Kleinwächter?

Carsten Körber (CDU / CSU):

No, I would like to speak in context, Madam President. – Let’s say you turn out to be infected in a few days. Then you now had a lot of opportunities to infect a lot of people.

(Martin Hohmann [AfD]: Any of us can be infected!)

And suppose that your behavior then puts the entire budget committee in quarantine: What would that mean for the further budget deliberations?

(Dr. Franziska Brantner [BÜNDNIS 90 / DIE GRÜNEN]: Irresponsible! – Norbert Kleinwächter [AfD]: Mr. Körber, I myself had Corona, and that was no problem at all!)

Do you really want to be responsible for ensuring that we have the budget for 2021

(Peter Boehringer [AfD]: To the lawsuit!)

unable to provide further advice or unable to resolve it in good time – with all the associated consequences for the country and for the people?

But now back to the actual application. I see my esteemed colleague Karl around here, and I am thinking of your last speech on a motion from the AfD parliamentary group. Unfortunately, I am not a wheat beer drinker now, and fortunately the proposal we are dealing with today does not have 211 pages either. But sometimes – I tell you – one page is enough to take at least three wheat to digest.

(Dennis Rohde [SPD]: You won’t get by with that!)

This application is something special. His formulations are so vague and the terminology so vague that even the inclined reader will at some point have to ask himself how much wheat the author has already intused.

(Norbert Kleinwächter [AfD]: Yes, if you drink so much wheat, then you probably don’t understand what we were saying!)

What do you mean by creating a loan-financed reserve? When it comes to the transfer to the EKF reserve, say so and write it clearly in the actual application.

(Peter Boehringer [AfD]: It says here!)

If you criticize the measures taken in the corona package as being irrelevant, then state them clearly in your application.

At least yesterday you submitted an amendment to this – mind you: an amendment to your original proposal; that alone is remarkable.

(Otto Fricke [FDP]: Yes, you do that regularly with draft laws! You do that every day with your own draft laws!)

But that’s not all: yesterday you withdrew this amendment straight away. – This is how responsible and stringent parliamentary work works. Bravo!

(Applause from the CDU / CSU and the SPD)

But the most interesting – I almost said: the nicest – I find the second part of your motion, the part in which an order is usually formulated in which the Bundestag as legislator, for example, instructs the federal government to do something. But you actually want the Bundestag not to make a legal decision. No, much nicer: we should greet something.

(Peter Boehringer [AfD]: That should be checked! How it is in Karlsruhe!)

According to Duden, the verb “to welcome” means in the context you used: to evaluate something positively, to take note of something joyfully, to approve.

(Laughter from the CDU / CSU and BÜNDNIS 90 / DIE GRÜNEN)

So, the Bundestag should think something is great.

And what do you wish for there? The Bundestag should welcome – you would like it to – that MPs go to Karlsruhe and demand from the Constitutional Court that the second supplementary budget is declared unconstitutional. Assuming that this greeting would be decided by the Bundestag: What should be the legal consequence of this?

(Peter Boehringer [AfD]: 20 pages of complaint!)

Even without your request, every Member has the right, together with a quarter of his colleagues, to initiate such a judicial review procedure. This does not require a greeting from the House.

Your request makes no sense. We therefore reject this proposal and follow the recommendation of the Budget Committee.

Many thanks.

(Applause from the CDU / CSU, the SPD and the BÜNDNIS 90 / DIE GRÜNEN)


EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and / or sentence structure not be perfect.

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