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Source: European Parliament

Friday, 13 November 2020 – Brussels Provisional edition


1. Opening of the sitting


(Die Sitzung wird um 9.00 Uhr eröffnet.)


2. Request for waiver of immunity: see Minutes

3. Council positions at first reading: see Minutes

4. Negotiations ahead of Parliament’s first reading (Rule 71) (action taken): see Minutes

5. First voting session


  Cristian-Silviu Buşoi, rapporteur. – Madam President, first I would like to thank all the colleagues from the European Parliament for the vote yesterday on the amendments, and all the shadows, and in particular my coordinator Peter Liese, for all the support.

The vote yesterday emphasised that with EUR 5.1 billion the programme will not only deliver on future pandemics and health threats and make our health system more resilient, but will also contribute in synergy and complementarity with other EU policies to the establishment of the reserve of essential medicines and medical devices in times of crisis.

I hope that the negotiations with the Council will be very constructive and will finish before the end of the year in order that the programme will start to deliver for EU citizens, starting January 2021. Therefore, I would like to request the referral back to committee for interinstitutional negotiations, under Rule 59(4), for the EU4Health programme.



  Die Präsidentin. – Wir kommen nun zur ersten Abstimmungsrunde für heute.

Die Dossiers, über die wir nun abstimmen, sind der Tagesordnung zu entnehmen. Die Abstimmungsrunde ist von 9.00 bis 10.15 Uhr geöffnet. Es kommt dasselbe Abstimmungsverfahren zur Anwendung wie in den vorangegangen Abstimungsrunden. Alle Abstimmungen sind namentliche Abstimmungen.

Ich erkläre die erste Abstimmungsrunde für eröffnet. Sie können jetzt bis 10.15 Uhr abstimmen.

Die Ergebnisse der Abstimmung werden um 12.45 Uhr bekannt gegeben.

(Die Sitzung wird um 9.03 Uhr unterbrochen.)





6. Resumption of the sitting


(Die Sitzung wird um 12.45 Uhr wieder aufgenommen.)


7. Announcement of voting results: see Minutes


(Die Sitzung wird um 12.55 Uhr unterbrochen.)





8. Resumption of the sitting


(A sessão é reiniciada às 14h.)


9. Second voting session


  Presidente. – Queria saudar os senhores deputados correlatores pelo vosso excelente trabalho e este pedido será submetido a votação, após a votação da proposta da Comissão.

Dou agora início ao segundo período de votação.

Votaremos nos dossiês conforme indicado na ordem do dia.

O período de votação decorrerá entre as 14h e as 15h15.

A votação é realizada segundo o mesmo procedimento utilizado durante os períodos de votação anteriores.

Todas as votações serão realizadas por votação nominal.

Declaro aberto o segundo período de votação. Podem votar até às 15h15.

Os resultados do segundo período de votação serão comunicados às 17h30.

(A sessão é suspensa às 14h03.)





10. Resumption of the sitting


(Die Sitzung wird um 17.30 Uhr wieder aufgenommen.)


11. Announcement of voting results: see Minutes

12. Explanations of vote: see Minutes

13. Corrections to votes and voting intentions: see Minutes

14. Documents received: see Minutes

15. Approval of the minutes of the part-session and forwarding of texts adopte: see Minutes

16. Dates of forthcoming sittings: see Minutes

17. Closure of the sitting


(Die Sitzung wird um 17.31 Uhr geschlossen.)


18. Adjournment of the session


  Der Präsident. – Ich erkläre die Sitzungsperiode des Europäischen Parlaments für unterbrochen.


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