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Source: State of Tasmania Government

16 November 2020

Peter Gutwein, Premier and Minister for Climate Change

Tasmania is a leader in climate change action. We have achieved our target of net zero emissions four years in a row, have the lowest per capita emissions of all states and territories and we are one of the lowest emitters of carbon dioxide on the planet.

Tasmania will continue to lead the nation in the transition to a low-emissions economy, and the Government will continue to lead by example, driven through the initiatives outlined in this year’s State Budget.

Over $30 million will be invested in waste and resource recovery initiatives across Tasmania that will benefit our state for years to come and help us rebuild a stronger Tasmania.

The State of the Climate 2020 Report clearly highlights the impacts of a changing climate in Australia, including increasing temperatures, extreme fire weather and reduced rainfall. The 2020-21 State Budget makes our commitment to further climate action clear, and outlines initiatives to adapt and keep Tasmanians safe from a changing climate.

This includes an ambitious target to transition our Government vehicle fleet to 100% electric vehicles by 2030 and $2.3 million over three years to continue our sensible and measured transition. This is one of the most ambitious targets of any state.

We will also establish a new $10 million no interest loan scheme for large Tasmanian greenhouse gas emitting businesses and industries. The loans will assist business and industry to trial existing clean technologies or test new innovative production processes, leading to reduced emissions.

A further $15 million has been allocated for public housing energy efficiency measures to reduce emissions and energy bills improving the cost of living for tenants.

The Budget includes $20 million to advance our plans in renewable energy and hydrogen, to increase investment and grow jobs in Tasmania.

In addition to these measures, we’ve also announced a $17.6 million package to keep Tasmanians safe from the threat of bushfires, including $8 million for the State Fire Commission, which includes the creation of a new division in the Tasmania Fire Service to manage the planning and response to bushfire and $9.3 million to bolster the Government’s Fuel Reduction Program.  A further $295,000 has been provided to the build on the successful Red Hot Tips program.

A further $720,00 has been allocated over three years towards TasAlert Emergency information Service, and $850,000 towards the Flood Mapping Project to better understand these risks to Tasmanians.

We will also review our climate change Act and emissions reduction target, with a view to strengthening our legislation and taking a more ambitious approach. Consultation will occur early next year, and the Budget allocates $300,000 towards this review.

As we recover from the COVID-19, the Government is focussed on growing jobs, future-proofing our industries, and reducing Tasmania’s emissions even further, and the 2020-21 State Budget makes these priorities clear as we rebuild a stronger Tasmania.