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Source: State of Tasmania Government

17 November 2020

Peter Gutwein, Premier

Rebecca White’s insipid Budget reply sends the Budget into deficit for four years and increases net debt by over $400 million.

Lazy Labor’s latest glossy brochure outlines a redirection of government spending of $27.7 million, which in a $7.5 billion Budget, means they have agreed with 99.7% of our Budget delivered last week.

Labor had a chance to do a properly costed and funded Alternative Budget, but has once again squibbed it.

After five days of complaining about the Budget and its level of debt, they have announced a plan to keep the Budget in deficit longer by adding $234 million to expenditure, plunging the State into deficits for the period of the forward estimates and increasing net debt by more than $400 million.

It’s no surprise Labor’s glossy brochure uses a lot of red toner, as there is absolutely no pathway back to surplus for the Budget under Labor’s plan.

Labor’s claim of supporting Tasmanian jobs is a sham as they double down on their policy to spend $850 million offshore in Finland without even looking at opportunities for Tasmanians, and there’s absolutely no detail on how exactly they would “fast-track” the Spirit of Tasmania ferries.

It’s little wonder Labor has been reluctant to release an Alternative Budget, and they’ve finally waved the White flag of surrender today.